Watches of World Leaders #shorts #politics

Watches of World Leaders #shorts #politics

These are the watches of World Leaders. From Rolex and Patek Philippe to Jacob & Co. #politics #watches #rolex



@nikx1918 says:

Love the Rolex date just. Beautiful

@I_Carnage_I says:

No wonder Putin wears western european watches Kappa

@juanindojorgijanad782 says:

President Joe Biden wears a Rolex watch? Holy shit!

@jishnumagic7795 says:

Narendra Modi watch?

@SevastopolRus_Z says:

Macron in one of the videos hid his hand with an expensive watch when talking about poverty to a journalist

@aaronzink9908 says:

The Cambodian one isn’t making sense there. Maybe switch watches before your citizens catch on to you

@mzdoggar says:

غریب کو ہمیشہ show off کی ضرورت محسوس ہوتی ہے۔اسی لیے کمبوڈیا کے وزیراعظم نے 5.5 million Dollars صرف ایک گھڑی پہ لگا دیے۔
جبکہ Cambodia کی per capita income صرف 1841 dollars ہے۔

Same situation in Pakistan right now.
people are starving for food and high inflation, but CM Punjab and also the nephew of PM changed her BMW's tyres for almost 100 thousand dollars.

@josephaurelius5567 says:

The Cambodian president is wearing a watch worth 1/5363 of his countries gdp, if that was American the president would be wearing a 4.6 billion dollar watch

@ericyeaboi says:

YouTubers needa stop putting their faces into these vids man

@lovingJesus60 says:

Patek Phillipe estimated cost about $700,000 USD and above.

@daniyaalnoor8731 says:

I have a band-aid and a ponytail on my wrist

@joaocarlos3537 says:

Cara teus videos são muito bons, mas tu precisa fazer uma introdução sobre o contexto do vídeo, pessoas envolvidas, etc. Assim ninguém fica muito perdido.

@hopeimoh4208 says:

Please what watch is Our Nigerian presodent wearing.. ?

@cristianodeol says:

45 milhoes? Eu ouvi certo? Óbvio que nao saiu do bolso dele esse valor.

@psycho3903 says:

Любимые часы Владимира Путина – Blancpain Aqualung за 15000$

@rodrigoabuchaim1902 says:

putins got the juice ong

@macauPMF says:

Kim he wears Patek Philippe.You Bullshit

@stylisticsguy3746 says:

Couldn’t find an exact price for the last one but it is definitely at least $118,000 or above.

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