The End of Jaguar and Land Rover, What Went Wrong

The End of Jaguar and Land Rover, What Went Wrong

Land Rover and Jaguar review. The End of Jaguar and Land Rover, What Went Wrong, DIY and car review with Scotty Kilmer. Tata has lost billions of dollars on Jaguar and Land Rover and has now merged with a Chinese company, is this the end of both British car brands? Is this the end of Jaguar and Land Rover in the United States? The future of Jaguar and Land Rover car manufacturing. Should I buy a Jaguar? Should I buy a Land Rover? Jaguar / Land Rover car and truck failures. Car advice. DIY car repair with Scotty Kilmer, an auto mechanic for the last 51 years.

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Jerry Ubah says:

Lol I saw this video coming. Got a used Jaguar XF 2009 and its not as bad as the newer ones, Horrible gas mileage, beautiful interior/exterior, Powerful engine and lots of Electrical Faults but nothing major. Still worth it for me though regardless I've always wanted to own one and just happens to be my first car. I honestly advise anyone looking to buy a Jag to buy one from 2009-2012 anything above those years will break down before your next oil change lol. Thanks Scotty for the video. I'll keep on baby-ing my Jag for as long as I can.

Driftwood says:

But that Jaguar emblem tho!

rishabhchawla says:

Colonizing is a different thing
But that's was more of a revenge from Tata to Ford.
At one time Ford canceled the request from Tata to take on their car business, so in future Tata took on their luxury brands

Basil Ramel says:

Poor Jaguar..

Sanel Šabanovič says:


Gilbert Arciniega says:

I'll just hold on to my 05 Honda Element! For all I know this 05 will out last most new cars of today that have all that nonsense plastic and nonsense over engineering.

Rajesh Lingaraj says:

Scotty tata used to make ugly cars now the tata cars have become great but jaguar landrover is crap in india, there is 7 months waiting period for mg its selling like hotcakes.

zhbvenkhoReload says:

It must be a pretty awkward situation for the English. They are being replaced by Asians and other shitskins and now their cars too.

James Valenti says:

I used to be a consultant for Jaguar/ Land Rover. I was told by someone high up at Jaguar we were not allowed to look under the hoods because people buy the "quality Jaguar name and service."
Yeah like good customer service is going to make someone feel good after their car just broke down, and ruined their day thanks to poor design…..

Alan says:

I'm a fan of tata's

Rob W says:

Almost unbelievable. Loved the animal inserts Scotty.

G0K3001 says:

Great video Scotty!
Very informative, I have always loved Jaguars even the late 80's ones.
I do know better, unfortunately.
The Ford years S type was a beautiful elegant vehicle.
I hear the 2000's were okay engine wise.

Phillip Bonner says:

They might make a good lawn ornament.

SlinkyRich says:

Unfortunately, us in the UK are also very snobby. So many do actually buy the Jaguar and there are a lot of Range Rovers here too because they have that snob value.

Me, i'll keep my 21 year old Lexus GS300 and Toyota Previa, and probably go for a Lexus RX, or a V8 Lexus next year…

X1area51 II says:

I'll buy one for lawn ornament next to my barracuda head display.

Hairy Hillbilly says:

Interesting stuff

A Youtuber Needing A Lot Of Subscribers says:


Ashish Patel says:

I still wouldn't buy a Chinese car. Even if they paid me.

Ian Endangan says:

The Indian company Bajaj has success with two wheels and three wheels from European piaggio/vespa
company designs aka chetak scooters and RE rickshaw.

Auto Beast says:

I like your video scoty,keep up the good work.

Chatta290 says:

Chinese protectionism laws. You have to go init a joint venture in order to manufacture there. Same for all foreign companies

Ran W says:

Like your style: talking, dancing, and educating at the same time.

The Revolution Will Not Be Youtubed says:

The Golden God wouldn't approve.

Blazing Tiger says:

Why have cars gotten less reliable? I mean there were probably more brands that were unreliable in the past, but the brands that became known for reliability that are still around today are making more and more unreliable cars.

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