Simple how-to: Replace cabin air filter, Mondeo Mk3 & Jaguar X-Type

Simple how-to: Replace cabin air filter, Mondeo Mk3 & Jaguar X-Type

Easy DIY how to: Change the cabin filter on your Ford Mondeo Mk3 (2000-2007) or Jaguar X-Type. The car featured is a Mondeo but the X-Type is the same with the exception of the cowling attachment.

You will need:
* T30 torx driver (Mondeo), or flat head screwdriver (X-Type)
* Replacement air filter, recommended: activated carbon type
* Suggested: vacuum cleaner

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Craig's DIY Car says:

Amazon links to relevant products are in the description.

voodoo says:

But this car is brand new! No trace. Thanks for your videos. Fred from Toulouse.

John Stewart says:

Thank you Craig, is the Jaguar x type the same as the Mondao for parts more or less please?

Ash Miller says:

Could that be the reason why my passenger side foot well is piss wet through? Needs a new filter?

Joe Azzopardi says:

Many thank's very helpful

prokoper says:

Why in mondeo mk4 is not so easy?

Luis R says:

One more awesome video…
Simple and very well explained!
Thks mate

Joseph Pearson says:

Your video is extremely clear and easy to follow. Thank you very much for posting this.

Stu B says:

A good video! Perhaps you could do another video based upon the automatic temperature control for Mondeo's with Climate Control. Just a thought?

Markman says:

Clear and transparent instructions throughout the filter replacement
Nothing more and nothing less . Thank you Mate

Steven Mason says:

Thank you, very good clear instructions.

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