jaguar "s" badge install and taillights tints

jaguar "s" badge install and taillights tints

I don’t care its not a real s I wanted the look real jaguar oem s badges installed and tail lights tinted lightly



kamikazekaos says:

You mad? why put on chrome badges lol against your black leaper should got black fool

david rankine says:

I would think if you spoke to anyone owning the real car they wouldn't bling it. This car holds it own without badges, the descrete is far better. Yes. I'm English

david rankine says:

Why make a car something it pretends to be. I expect more from a teenager. I have a Jaguar XF S V6 Supercharged, standard 380bhp. Get a life, or a new car. If that is bad Ass, I'd like you to track the real thing

mike holt says:

If you can get the dots to stop fucking they are easier to count.

muzik858 says:

That is BADD A55!! Awesome!

Tommy Thheb says:

Seeing your video make me want to get rid of my F-Pace . You should drive Honda or GMC

Lemuel Tatad says:

@iWrench hey Bruh, can I ask you where did you get the S emblem? I'm looking for R-sport emblem for my XF. Thanks

Rafi Seraf says:

Lol my guy u are a fucking crackhead looks good tho

john Baldock says:

No 1 you just know he has many many dead people Buried under his floor! No2 i use to build this exact model at Castle Bromwich Birmingham and to be fair the rear lights you did Look Better!

Mustang Mafia TV says:

The back badge needs to go more to the right check the again

Blake Sanden says:

is there an install vid for the tail lights ?

Roger C says:

Vicious Looking Ride.

kukakevin says:

you weird .. who cares about that?

Tom Tomlin says:

Only a plank would put a s badge on a 240 hp jag

Andy Low says:

I got one grill S badge, but no idea how to install. Oh my god! Any details tutorial? lol

J M says:

Nah, your the only person I’ve seen with similar car doing some mods. I’m always looking for ideas and some tips and tricks, ya know any? I got a 17 XE 35t First Edition

J M says:

GotYo so does that mean I could just pass your car and snatch that shit. Lmao….. got the 35t Fiest Edition, pretty dope, infotainment sucks big time, lates 2018 update is pretty dope, fixes some shit. Got mine in Freeport.

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