Jaguar hood ornament installation – vandal-proof leaper

Jaguar hood ornament installation – vandal-proof leaper

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This video will give you some tips on how to install the leaper ornament on the Jaguar X-type hood and which is more important, how to do it in a vandal-proof manner. It’s my own invention, my life hack and I am glad to share it to other Jaguar drivers, because they often feel uneasy leaving their car at poorly lit or unguarded sites. At least, no curious idler will ever go on pulling on the leaper, when the car alarm system is blaring and flashing.

My story includes both wiring diagrams and hardware implementation of my invention. Of course, you can use other parts or maybe your Jaguar is not an X-type as mine, but I tried to give you a general concept of how the leaper logo can be mounted (or could have been mounted OEM).

Disclaimer: the JaguaRRoman channel is not responsible for any damages or injuries resulted from the information in this video. This video does not guarantee the desired outcome. Any injury, damage or loss caused by the information contained in this video is the sole responsibility of the user and not the JaguaRRoman channel.



Ced Huxter says:

I have carefully watched your video and have just installed the alarm circuit. My leaper has a looped steel band held under tension by a spring. The end of the steel band is crimped with a cylindrical crimp. I made up similar contacts to yours and the result is amazing. Thanks for the idea and the electrical circuit details. A great anti- theft device!

Arne Meyer says:

Very good and simple made!

Mike Mayers says:

so if anything could set off your alarm? jags are from england where wind and rain will play with this leaper all day but its a nice thing .

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