How to replace the fuel pump on a Jaguar XJ8, warnings, troubleshooting, etc. Part 1 of 2 – REMIX

How to replace the fuel pump on a Jaguar XJ8, warnings, troubleshooting, etc. Part 1 of 2 – REMIX

Fuel pump replacement info.

WARNING: Check the fuel pump wire connection. If bad replace it. Our new pump burned out in 3,000 miles. PN: LNC 3360CA for a connector that can be spliced in. ($25 eBay used / $135 eBay new / $185 local).
Step by step procedures:

I helped my brother replace the fuel pump in his 2003 Jaguar XJ8, X308 series. The hardest part of the job is getting the fuel lines disconnected. There are a few other parts that are hard as well, mainly things that can cause damage to the vehicle.

Pump: JLM20756 ($385+ Failed in 60 days).
Stepped hose: NND 6070AB ($85+)

This process should work on most XJ series vehicles that have the fuel tank behind the rear seat and the pump in the tank. Cars from 1998 – 2003 for sure.
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Donald Malone says:

Hi Robert, let me start by saying thank you for posting the video loaded with great and accurate info on how to go about changing a fuel pump on the xj8. I only wish I would of seen your video prior to the one I watched. Unfortunately the other persons video led me to do the same thing you said happened to you and I damaged both the feeder and return line under the tank. Frustrated and somewhat nervous about trying to figure out what went wrong fortunately I ran into your video and again want to thank you for doing a superb job both explaining the procedure and more importantly pointing out the problem areas. Every problem area you pointed out is exactly what I encountered but since you had done such a detailed video explaining how to avoid those issues I was able to safe a lot of time and frustration. Anyway just wanted to share that with you and again hands down the best video out there on doing this job. Keep up the great videos, much appreciated Sir.

laconic151 says:

Does this mean the problem with the timing chain tensioners was really the fuel line and pump going bad?

Gurpreet Hira says:

Thank you Robert! Very informative! I have a 2001 xjr x308 platform and we have two fuel pumps! Second pump starts the car and then the first pump takes over then second goes on standby until needed at higher rpms! Im dreading the day i have to change mine…

keith brown says:

Robert…."You gotta know when to fold em, know when to walk away" . A Jaguar is not a working mans car. Its for rich people who when they have this problem they go and buy another one.

zx8401ztv says:

Ooops editing error at 15:22, lots of blank space after then your outtro again finally.
Still fine to watch though robert 😀

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