How to replace Jaguar EGR Valve

How to replace Jaguar EGR Valve

How to replace Jaguar EGR Valve

REPAIR TIME: 30 Minutes

1. EGR Valve
2. EGR Valve Gasket

1. Socket Set
2. Disposable Gloves
3. Shop Towels
4. Carb Cleaner


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The purpose of this video is to help out fellow Jaguar owners to the best of my knowledge. The information provided in the video is supplied as is, with no warranty. Most information comes from my experience working on cars. It’s not meant to replace shop manual or professional advice. I do not assume any liability whatsoever for property damage or injury incurred as a result of any of the information contained in this video. Use this information at your own risk.



Richard Autenzio says:

Hi Jesse I enjoyed this video very much thank you. However I noted that you were using a Autel MaxiScan 509 on your 1996 Jaguar.. I am looking for a good scanner for my 1996 X300 with ABS etc and have been looking every where for one that will work on my car. I would be interested to know what you think of the MS509 and or if you have or know about anything better that will work on my X300. I have a few cheap scanners and also a Autel Autolink AL539. It is very handy for reading batteries etc. I would appreciate your help and your input as I did purchase a icarsoft LRV1 but it did not function very well on my car, so after 6mths of back and forward corrospendance and up loading new software from icarsoft I had to return it. They were very helpful but we could not get it to work. I then purchased a cheap Launch cReader V+ on Scotty Kilmer's recommendation and it worked, but it was very limited. Still reluctant I then purchased the AL539 thinking if it did not work I would get use out of the battery tester and multi meter etc. It worked. So I know my car is OK with OBD2's but I would like to progress to something more comprehensive. Any Ideas or advice by you are the readers would be really appreciated.

BLACK ICE* says:

Simple ! Thank Jesse!

dstr says:

Hey Jesse. Great video again!
How did you repair this broken EGR house? Glueing, or…?

thirdworldassassin says:

thats so weird , mines a 97 and i swear the egr is on the other side , i thought about putting a plate over mine , i hate the idea of egr , recirculate exhaust through the cylinders … just seems like its throwing a bunch of carbon in there ? i guess i should finish the vid before i comment lol

Pedro’s Garage says:

Needed this video, my ‘40 stayed throwing that stupid code lol. Great vid.

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