How to remove Jaguar XF bumper – to replace grill

How to remove Jaguar XF bumper – to replace grill

Been planning this mod for a while now and finally got round to doing it thanks to good weather.

The grill was bought on eBay from a supplier called Carlab-design-tuning – here’s a link to their shop below

If you have any questions on the bumper removal, please shoot me a question in the comments below.

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Nadia Power says:

how do i install the 's' Badge? 🙁 i cant access the grill! how did u do it? sis u do a vid?

brucelee04 says:

Hi Hilton,

Can you let me know if removing the front bumper will allow me to change the washer fluid level sensor? I've got a 'low washer fluid' warning on where the reservoir is full so the sensor looks to be faulty. Just wondering if you ever saw this when taking the bumper off? Or if anyone else has any experience with this? Great videos and really detailed. Thanks.

Ishaan playz says:

Hi Hilton, thanks to your video I successfully attempted to change the grill on my XF. I would not normally try this but your video helped loads. Many thanks.

Thomas Haile says:

I replaced the front chrome grille to a black grille. I also replaced my bottom chrome accents to led fog lights on my 2009 jaguar xf.

Behzad Taheri says:

Great video and details…. do you know how can we reach the parking sensors? Do we need to remove the front bumper as well? I have an XF 5.0 and one of the front parking sensors has been pushed in. Thanks for your help!!

alexander fröhlicher says:

Sorry , i See the new designe! Look's better !

alexander fröhlicher says:

Nice Video about to replace your JAGUAR XF bumper. But why ? Technical problems ?


Looks much more aggressive now, I bet you love it. And maybe I missed it in the video is this a supercharged or N/A? and what liter.

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