How to Remove Door Panels and Replace Speakers on an X300 Jaguar XJ6 / XJ12 / XJR (1995-1997)

How to Remove Door Panels and Replace Speakers on an X300 Jaguar XJ6 / XJ12 / XJR (1995-1997)

The X300 chassis Jaguar XJ was produced for only three model years, 1995-1997. This guide walks through the process of removing the door panels/inserts/cards and replacing the speakers. This guide should apply to all X300 XJ models including XJ6, XJ12, XJR, Sport models, Sovereign models, and Vanden Plas/Daimler models.

As mentioned in the video, my car has the non-premium sound system, which means I do not have a subwoofer on the rear parcel shelf. If your car has the premium sound system, this video guide still applies. However, this guide does not contain information for removing and replacing the subwoofer. I’m sure there are a few threads on in the X300 section that explain how to do this.

Let me know if you have any questions. I read all video comments, so you’ll definitely get a reply. Also feel free to let me know if you have any ideas for an X300 Jaguar video, I’m all ears.

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Region Thr33 Garage says:

Such a great video. Very valuable to us Jaguar noobs. Appreciate the time spent making it.

Mike Lin says:

Great video! Really helpful. BTW, I recently need to replace the door latch cable for my 97 xj6. Can you tell how to expose the lock latch? I have difficulty taking the lock latch out.

Mario Smith says:

This video awesome! And help me alot! Do you know how to change the tweeters in the front and back of the car as well? I notice they aren't working either

Alan Spring says:

I was happy to subscribe

Alan Spring says:

Fine job and great video young man

David Michiels says:

Hi, since March I've got a 1996 XJR with the Harman Kardon speakers, but the overall sound quality is crap. Is thre any way to establish whether the bad quality is due to the speakers without dismantling the door? Might be the radio (still the original)?Or a deteriorated connection somewhere? Appreciate the tips and thanks for the very clear and elaborate video. I signed up for all your further videos!

Keith Mclaughlin says:

Regarding the plastic socket in the door and the metal spring clip. they are SUPPOSED to come out together, because there must be a very firm fixing in the metal door. So that when one closes the door using the handle ; it keeps the panel firmly in place, now you have bent the metal clip there is a chance you will rip the door panel off if closed too firmly.

Thaned V says:

great vid, thx!

S Holland says:

Really handy, mate. Cheers!

charlie peebles says:

Excellent video. Thanks so much for uploading. I found it incredibly helpful. Enabled me to do a job that I would never have thought of trying myself.

Jay Gee says:

Good video… BUT we didn't hear the new speakers.

William v-P says:

Thank you! I wanted to replace mine for a long time!

Neil M says:

My x300 misfires. Any service tips for plugs and coil packs would be great and also air filter and tuning would be fabulous. My 1996 paintwork is shocking but it’s only fine 59k miles. Thanks.

Richard Autenzio says:

Thanks for this Eric. Great information. Just what I needed to know. Hope you make more videos like this. I have a 1996 X300 and it is the best Jaguar I have ever owned. It will probably be my last Jaguar, as this car was the best and most dependable XJ6 they ever made. Not to mention that it is also the last of the straight 6 engines, and the last of the traditional Jaguar luxurious cars that offered "Grace, Space and Pace, or to put it another way "Leather, wood and waft" With the older beautiful Jaguars cars, you either got it or you didn't. You have a great car there Eric. Keep the good work up.

Cyrille G says:

Merci pour ce tuto

Grzegorz Grzejdziak says:

Dobra robota. Powodzenia

Alexis BESSON says:

Thx for information

Tony Blackie says:

Hey love the channel 🙂
Have an X330 also and about to change speakers. Very timely. Would love to hear the finished result, maybe a bit of Coldplay Paradise? 🙂

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