How to install 03-08 jaguar s type x type 02-08 stereo harness + wire harness

How to install 03-08 jaguar s type x type 02-08 stereo harness + wire harness



Peter Lyakh says:

How did you get the sound using stock amp it won't work!!!

Jay S.W.A.T says:

How does the radio sound with the factory alpine speakers?

Michael Livingston says:

Excellent. Thanks for doing this video.

Raymond Borges says:

Thanks for the video, it helped a lot. One question, what did you do about the fiber optic connectors? Am I missing some functionality, is there an adapter to connect to these or are they not needed? I'm confused. Thanks in advance!

Joseph Rudebush says:

The red and yellow together keeps it on .. They are separate memory and switched feeds .the constant keeps your settinsgs. The other goes to a switched source to power the unit on and off ✌

Richard Linton says:

Thanks my man for this great video my radio screen keeps blacking out so I suppose I'll need a new CD/radio this has been a great help

S Perez says:

Any 6.2 or 7 inch fits

Jboy Skulls says:

Does any 6.2 radio fit the kit or do I have to buy the exact one you installed the kenwood if so could you link the website you got your kenwood

Nikka Stone says:

Hello! what type of radio are you using in place of the old radio?

Mel Luv says:

Good looking my G I been waiting for this vid bro. Oh shit I didn’t notice you been dropped this. Crazy cause I watch all your S type videos.

Maurice Richardson says:

Does no Good for X Type with factory amp

joe mcclintock says:

bro thanks ! saved me 150 at least !

Giovanni Mormone says:

Hi i have an aftermarket double din,which i just connected all the color wires and the unit is playing DVD,CDs fine,but the only problem i have ,i can't seem to make the steering volume controls work ,i have bought a well known control switch for X Type jaguar ,the switch has already its wiring loomed in with two plug each end,so after connected all the wires to the plug, i have two wires left out and an ( Headphone or a Mic cable with a jack plug.) the two wires says,Volume 1 and Volume 2, any indication where they need to go please? much appreciate thanks.

Trigga Tube says:

who makes the kit?

Trigga Tube says:

can u explain the Red and Yellow wire connection again plz?

S Perez says:

No worries my friend anytime

Gregory Robertson says:

Thanks for making this video Great Job .TWO THUMBS UP

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