How to Change Engine Oil and Oil Filter on Jaguar XF

How to Change Engine Oil and Oil Filter on Jaguar XF

How to Change Engine Oil and Oil Filter on Jaguar XF

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John Doe says:

You forgot to grease the filter canister threads and o-ring. Plus your power steering lines are leaking.

Dan Swain says:

nice helpful video

Sea Life says:

Suck it from the top way easier and cleaner

Juicy Banana says:

You actually do not have to take off the bottom covers for the 5.0. If you open the oil fil cap you will see a tiny metal tube on top. What you do is you get some sort of vacuum pump/extractor, I use the Mityvac 7201, and you pump out all the oil. Change the filter and done. No need to lift the car and get into a headache with the stupid plastic covers underneath the car, lol. It takes 20 minutes and it’s mess free.

gregcy89 says:

Very simple the way you made it thanks

Damian Castro says:

where’s the dipstick at?? SOS PLEASE HELP

PJ Will says:

How do you remove the engine cover?

Lynn Clark says:

Thank you for sharing, very nicely explained.

Greg Magill says:

Thank you! I'm new to Jaguar and this is the only video I found that showed the oil filter on top and actually taking it off, I was not familiar with the canister type I kept looking for it underneath.

Arvinder Singh says:

Right now I am living blacktown Australia . But my brother demand this car v6 3.0 d 600 nm tourq biturbo. Plz give me suggestion I buy that car . Thanks.

Arvinder Singh says:

Sir today I saw video am very happy . I want buy jaguar xf v6 3.0 diesal in india some one give they car 20 lakh indian rupees 2012 model. My question is this car is good for home use like indian road.

Rudimental Chef says:

What is the stem in the oil reservoir?

Meerkat says:

Thanks Harjinder, good video. I note your one is 5 ltr engine. It looks to me as supercharged?! Is job the same on 2013 "facelift" version of XF. My one is 3.0 SC?! Allan

East Hills says:

Clear DIY instructions, it would have been much nicer if you have shown how to open the bottom covers. overall good video.

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