2013 Jaguar XKR A/C air conditioning DIY fix and some V8 Engine Tunes

2013 Jaguar XKR A/C air conditioning DIY fix and some V8 Engine Tunes

This is the second part of me fixing the air conditioning on my fabulous 2013 Jaguar 5.0 supercharged XKR.

The dealer had quoted me nearly £800 for this job. A hose had a split in it which needed replacing and then the system needed re-gassing.

in my previous video I did the hose/pipe replacement which was really awkward, but I did it, see the link below to that video:

In this episode, I use the re-charge system you can buy from your local motor parts centre.

This is the STP A/C re-charge unit. It comes with a cylinder of gas, and an excellent trigger system with a low pressure connector and a pressure dial (with an important temperature calibration dial too)

I show you where the low pressure connection point is on the XKR 5.0 engine and how to connect to it and re-gas your system…

take a look to see how I got on.

I took the car out for a road test afterwards – because I love it… and you get a nice chance to hear the wonderful V8 supercharged 510BHP engine… 🙂 happy days…

there is a dual zone system in my Jag and one side didn’t perform as well, it seems there is an airlock of sorts in the system somewhere so I will do some research on how to sort that out, if it makes a good video topic I will post that up here too.

Hope you enjoy the video…

links to the kit I used is below:

if you try this yourself, it is at your own risk, if you are in any doubt as to what to do or are not confident with this process, please refer to an expert….

see you all soon!




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