2005 Jaguar X Type Front Wheel Bearing – Part 1

2005 Jaguar X Type Front Wheel Bearing – Part 1

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Simon Pickering says:

the 2 flats by the track rod end, put a mallet on one and hit other flat with a heavy hammer, the thing should pop out…its why they are there and it's quick, most cars have this ..

uuu says:

Brillant video ,what impact are you using

Fresh55n9ne says:

Was the wheel hub bent

Luke Farrell says:

Probably the best how to video ever for this car , you explained everything really well and the camera quality and angles were great, I'm using this video to help me replace the front shocks on my xtype

Guilt Azaour says:

fantastic work! where are you from ? can you do mine ?

Sickiey says:

brill video, cheers for making it

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