Isuzu NPR HD front brakes

Isuzu NPR HD front brakes

Removal of the front brake calipers pads rotors and bearings on 99 to 2018 Isuzu NPR HD and all components put back together



Matt DeLaVega says:

Also, did you say you were using red loctite? Don't you need heat to take it back off then? Thanks. Sorry for all the questions.

Matt DeLaVega says:

I have been trying to find torque specs for the T-55 bolts. I read somewhere that it was 40 foot pounds plus Loctite. That doesn't seem right. I see you just added Loctite and ran the impact on them. Does anyone know what the specs are? Does it not matter too much with the Loctite?

Dan Callahan says:

Thank You for making this very informative video, i've done lots of break jobs but never on a HD truck like this. i hope your all healed up and feeling better. PEACE.

Essej Reklaw says:

You're a great teacher thanks man!!

Matt DeLaVega says:

Thank you for making this. Super helpful!

Repeat Offender says:

Dame where are you at I got my npr hd with these clowns they have had it for 4 hours and haven't even got the tires off yet great video

Steve Dykes says:

Is there a part 2

pedro alejandro says:

Yeah!!! This is the kind of video that like,learned a lot from it today.

What you mean Thirsty? says:

You can turn these on a lathe right? Doing mine saturday

nick e says:

Ever done king pins on a npr???

nissanxable says:

simple video nicely explained and not trying to confuse

Derrick Roland says:

Good video, i also have found if u have a slide hammer and slightly grind it thin near the hook area ,it works for getting the abs ring out.

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