Isuzu NPR 5.2 Blown Head Gasket Repair – Part 2 – Uh Oh…

Isuzu NPR 5.2 Blown Head Gasket Repair – Part 2 – Uh Oh…

Isuzu NPR 5.2 Blown Head Gasket Repair and Updates. News is not good. Looks like the engine block is warped from over heating. Common problem with the 5.2 do to thin cylinder walls. Hoping the thicker Head Gasket will fix the leak.



sean sadek says:

Did it fix the problem by replacing it with a thicker head gasket?

Jay Son says:

Hi I have 2002 Isuzu 4hk1 we replace the head gasket but the coolant comes out to radiator when you release the accelerator. What is the reason for this issue? Pls help

Test Tube says:

What preventative maintenance can be done so this doesn’t happen in the first place? Thanks
We don’t live long enough to learn everything from our own mistakes!

Benjamin Constantino says:

what is the problem of isuzu engine 4hj1 mixing of oil in water radiator

Erik Pettingill says:

I am looking at a 1993 gm w4500 with a blown head gasket. The odometer has 190,000 miles on it. Do you think it would be a can of worms? I can probably get it pretty cheap.

Mike Triolo says:

Brad, I have an 06. Mine just started pushing coolant through the overflow tank. The truck does not overheat and has never overheated what do you think

Ian Baldwin says:

these engines are pretty dang resilient eh?
Thanks for posting an update.

nick e says:

any suggestions on good brands of fuel, oil, air filters to use. I dont have an isuzu dealer near me.

Erick Bu Pons says:

Hi Brad, great video! just bought an 07 isuzu npr hd 5.2L turbo, just like the one on this video, its leaking oil at the junction of the motor and transmission, any pointers to what the cause is?

Outshine Power Wash LLC says:

What head gasket thickness will you be going with?

Charles Hattingh says:

how did you bleed the fuel system to get it started

Mahmoud j. says:

:))) excuses for bad work! i hate that. they should have fix it right the first time

MrSehka77 says:

Ok, head gaskets correct ?not a cracked head ? Driven 50k plus miles never over headed runs well
What do you think I should do fix it or just leave as is if I haven't had any problems yet ?

MrSehka77 says:

It leaks right under the last exhaust manifold port closes to the front of the engine . It leaks to the engine block all the way to the bottom of the oil pan .

MrSehka77 says:

Yes brad , right under the exhaust manifold leaks to block
What do you think it can be ?

MrSehka77 says:

Hello brad ,
I have 2003 isuzu npr diesel with 4.8L 4he1 engine ..
truck leaks oil from the exhaust manifold . Truck runs fine doesn't over heat ran it like that for about 50k with no issues just add oil here and their .. I been told it it could be a cracked head or head gasket . What do you think it could be and it it worth fixing or just keep running like that truck has 340k thank you hope to hear from you soon

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