Isuzu Mu-X & D-Max Fuel Filter Replacement – DIY – How To Replace Your Fuel Filter

Isuzu Mu-X & D-Max Fuel Filter Replacement – DIY – How To Replace Your Fuel Filter

G’day Guys and Gals!

In this video i show you just how easy it is to replace the factory fuel filter on your Isuzu Mu-X or D-Max.

I show you all the parts necessary to carry out the job and also the tools necessary.

It is a simple job that requires only a flat blade screw driver to carry out.

After I remove the filter i show you how to clean out the fuel filter bowl and replace the ‘O’ Ring seal.

After i complete the job i use some Lucas fuel injector cleaner and fuel conditioner to look after the Diesel in the tank and help lubricate the fuel system.

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Andres Chan says:

I noticed that the new fuel filter is not the same with the filter you replaced. The new filter has a "pre filter" at the bottom, and the old one didn't have that part

Isuzu Bighorn says:

Good job, the service shop could charge you dearly for that maintenance task.Ill inspect mine for for those FOD soon..Nice Vid!

Michael Mears says:

Filter location is better than the Colorado.

Ein Felder says:

FuelDoctors for the win.

Off The Meyn Road says:

Been waiting for this one! Thanks mate

Benny Banger says:

Excellent demo Nik. Will you be considering putting in a second fuel filter?

Simon Mario Gondowidjojo says:

Thank you so much for putting this video. Aussie diesel fuel doesn't look that bad at all, still as clear as water. So is the same theory if you run out of diesel fuel by pumping it on the top of fuel filter? Thxs once again.

TheSquad1112 says:

Hi mate another great video, can you do a video on the spotlight install

جيب ايسوزو أحمد طه says:

My Isuzu mux2015 4×4 2500cc have 2 filters one up like this and one dween the engine behind the left weel .. is there different between 2500cc and 3000cc ?!!!!! Or you forget the other filter ?!!!!!

T Yik says:

Very good. Will this be included in the routine service schedule? Though you would change more frequently.

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