How to Replace an Alternator

How to Replace an Alternator

Alternator Replacement. Learn how to remove and replace a bad alternator and correctly install a new alternator with this simple step by step video. Whether the alternator is not putting out the correct voltage or it is making noise from a bad bearing, you can fix it yourself and save a lot of money.

Where I got my Alternator:

Socket Set I used:
Serpentine Belt Tool:
Torque Wrench:

How to Test an Alternator:
How to Test your Car Battery:
How to do an Electrical System Upgrade: COMING SOON!

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Daniel Vargas says:

I've seen my dad replace an alternator before

British Secret Agent 007 says:

In light of all the overweight and overly expensive trucks today, seeing u work on ur mazda makes me miss my 86 mazda b2000 std cab with its anemic 80hp four banger with 5sp manual. That was some reliable truck.

w crain says:

you good? you sound tired as hell in this!

Ian Taylor says:

You sound so depressed in your older videos

Sahil Sheikh says:

U probably forget to put ur gloves on

Dimitris Theodopoulos says:

OOOPS chris you forgat to put a towel or something on the intake tube when you remove the filter! you usually don't make mistakes like that.

MikeDaTiger says:

I changed out the spark plugs on my F150 yesterday. Cranked it up and it was whining. Followed your video on testing an altenator, and that's definitely the culprit. Guess I'll be changing the altenator this weekend

kyl NJ says:

nice clip! since you have a larger alternator, is it OK to charger a battery set of (2X6V ) using
solenoid or batt isolator? thanks

Afnan Hasan says:

Legends say chris is still working on the electrical system upgrade video till today! XD

Sun says:

Hey chris what size sockets are those you're using in this vid?

Joshua Hernandez says:

Hey Chris I just want to thank you for what you do with your help I was able to replace my alternator in my F150 with no problem. I did find out it was the alternator after watching one of your videos about testing the battery as well. You’ve just gotten another subscriber

Phil Swift says:

Who else found it satisfying from the sound of him breaking those 3 bolts loose holding the alternator down?

Travis Stephens says:

Hey chris my 2012 mitsubishi galant sometimes like once every few months sounds kind of weird when i start it sometimes after it rains should i be worried

kidwooh86 kidwooh86 says:

Thanks Chris for helping me rebuild up my toolset every video you posted i purchase every tool set thanks

Zormac says:

Amazing to watch how professional and enthusiastic he has become.

Eduardo Alvarado says:

is it ok to replace a 90 amp alternator with a 130amp? I need to replace my 120 one but am having a hard time finding one other than at the dealer?

lets get money together says:

Recently i just learned how to put an alternator starter and fuel pump on the alternator and starter about the easier thing to do to

Sinan Can Bıçak says:

I guess te problem caused by the regulator. You didnt have to change the alternator complately. I understood that you wanted to improve the charging capacity, so its okay but it would be nice if you work inside an alternator to make us learn 🙂 . I know that you are super busy with all these comments and everything, but if you seeing my comment i got a problem with my car. Last owner applied 3 types of silicon on the doors to stick the plastic trim, now i removed them and having a big trouble removing the silicone dirt. I tried everything to remove including wd-40, synthetic thinner etc. but couldn figure out how to remove them. If you could make a proper video to explain how to remove that silicone residue, it would be perfect ! Huge fan from Turkey !

Cameron Abernathy says:

anyone watching in 2019?

Silver Shogun says:

Dude you are the straight up SH!*. Your attention to detail, yet never boring, easy understandable approach is priceless. As someone who has worked on cars all his life and watched his fair share of videos like this, yours is on another level my friend. And I could tell all those things just by watching this one video.

You not only just got a subscriber in me, but you got a mouthpiece brother. I'm telling everyone I know that works on cars about your videos.

Amazing job!

Owen Bame says:

Do you have to worry about messing up the timing when you take the belt off?

Jason Kimmett says:

couldnt help but smile at the end when it was a successful install and voltage didnt drop. I just purchased a 2007 Mazda 6 3.0 L wagon. new battery and oil change today, at the red light it wouldnt shift down from third gear and starts chugging so i pulled her off the road and she stalled. Got a boost and on my way home I get pulled over cause I was rolling threw stop signs due to the stuck transmission, she just clicks when I crank er over. guess im buying a new alternator. dashboard lit up like a christmas tree when i pulled off the highway…what a fuckin day…lol

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