DIY LIFT KIT INSTALL SECRETS! How to install a 4×4 lift kit at home in half a day

DIY LIFT KIT INSTALL SECRETS! How to install a 4×4 lift kit at home in half a day

A lift kit is one of the first mods anyone does to their 4WD – but how many of you fitted one yourself? In this video we show you how to install one at home in half a day!
We team up with the experts at Fulcrum Suspensions to show you how to fit a suspension kit at home with a mate and just 10 common tools.
It’s easier than you think – but if you’re not handy on the tools you can always get experts like Fulcrum Suspensions to fit it for you.

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@kaoticmind09 says:

Well that doesn't seem too hard…

@beersintheshed. says:

So I’ve watched this video and one done by Jock, both to do with fitting suspension, this video you say grease the new bushes but in the video Jock did he says don’t grease the bushes, so what is it guys!!!!!

@shawsie5780 says:

Fulcrum are shit!, had plenty of mates with issues, Graham gets his shit for free and collects his cheque on the way out the shop, do your research

@user-jj7on3lz6v says:

0:35 0:36

@princewilliams8222 says:

How to drive and test Nissan AWD…..?

@chandrachurniyogi8394 says:

have a question. . . 4WD SUVs & light pickup trucks equipped with a 2.0 in. or 3.0 in. suspension lift actually has different level of lift between the forward & aft suspension setup . . . if the front axle has a true 3.0 in. lift the rear axle has something like a 2.6 in. or 2.5 in. lift . . . so my question is why is the lift less at the rear? might as well have a true 3.0 in. of full spec suspension lift both at the front & rear . . . if not why??? please advise . . .

@wesfields9322 says:

Stephen colbert getting hid hands dirty

@Leviathan_-ro1yv says:

does it come with diff drop kit?

@dannysuru says:

What about the proportioning valve bro?

@jakobusjohannes2195 says:

Took me 20 minutes on the back and 35 minutes on the back on my landcruiser 80 series. Easy as, believe me it not as difficult as it looks, you just need to lift your vehicle safely. Unhook sway bars so your diffs can drop enough to remove and insert springs

@coreyforsyth121 says:

How much different is this going to be if i am attempting this with a 2002 toyota hilux?

@CalebIvan1 says:

How do you get the front leaf bolt out on the fuel tank side?

@jojeemojee4471 says:

@2:43 I believe that guy in that white car was wandering why they were working on garage floor when they have that car lifter

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