How to Replace Cabin Air Filter 2013 Infiniti G37

How to Replace Cabin Air Filter 2013 Infiniti G37

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AQ1119C filter fits:
Chrysler Town & Country 2008-2016

Dodge Grand Caravan 2008-2018

Infiniti EX35 2008-2012
Infiniti EX37 2013
Infiniti FX35 2009-2012
Infiniti FX37 2013
Infiniti G25 2011-2012
Infiniti G37 2008-2013
Infiniti M35 2006-2010
Infiniti M45 2003-2004 2006-2010
Infiniti Q40 2015
Infiniti Q45 2002-2006
Infiniti Q50 2014-2019
Infiniti Q60 2014-2015
Infiniti QX50 2014-2017
Infiniti QX56 2011-2013
Infiniti QX70 2014-2016
Infiniti QX80 2014-2019

Nissan GT-R 2009-2018
Nissan Titan XD 2019

Ram C/V 2012-2015

Volkswagen Routan 2009-2012

The model shown in this video is a 2013 Infiniti G37 but installation is similar on the other models.



Admiral Ackbar says:

Jesus Christ you have to disassemble the whole vehicle to change a fucking cabin filter. Whoever designed this needs to be sent to the the gulags for life.

Jay Smith says:

Great tip to remove the door, my screwdriver wont reach and I don’t want to go buy an extension

Matthew Moore says:

Thanks very much for the tutorial! I could not have put in the new filter without it!

Mark Burnham says:

Thanks for the video. I would not have even attempted this without it. Still, more complicated than any car I have ever owned.

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