How to Diagnose [FIX] Oil Consumption – All Cars [Change PCV Valve // Infiniti G35/Nissan 350Z]

How to Diagnose [FIX] Oil Consumption – All Cars [Change PCV Valve // Infiniti G35/Nissan 350Z]

S6:E3- [How i saved my friend $4000.] A Detailed Overview how to correctly Diagnose and Fix Engine Oil Consumption. How to change a PCV Valve w/ Torque Specs & Pro Tips, performed on a 2005 Infiniti G35 VQ35DE RevUp, with Ryan and Jay.

This video includes:
– Steps to properly diagnosing oil consumption.
– Steps to not getting ripped off.
– How i saved my friend $4000.
– How to change PCV [Positive Crankcase Ventilation] Valve.
– PCV Valve Torque Specs.

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greenlimeforester says:

same for Subaru too?

Aaron's Customs says:

Your the man ❗️

smushpink says:

how often should I smush that thing?

Al Sadik says:

Money! Great video!

Qart Williams says:

$4K? OMG crazy! Haha $6 fix? I'll try this! Thanks!

Highly Sober says:

great video! were you talking about Ahmad's G?

delete says:

Hey mg, I have a 05 g35 coupe, what is the other test I can perform to check the rings called?

AntoineJra says:

A lot of people have recommended a catch can and PVC delete for the VQ platform. I’ll be trying that very soon

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