How to change the alternator in a 2012 Infiniti G37, Alternator remove and replace

How to change the alternator in a 2012 Infiniti G37, Alternator remove and replace

This video demonstrates one way to remove and replace the alternator in a 2012 Infiniti G37. Not beginners and do at your own risk. This job is not easy and not fun, good luck.

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Demonicborn Gaming says:

Take the air filter boxes out and the rad hose, than you should be able to pull the fan out without taking all the covers off

Jasmyn Bradley says:

Do you think changing the alternator for the 2012 g37 is the same for the 2011 m56

Al,l,an Stevens says:

Ditch the stupid background music.

Al Martinez says:

Thank you for your time showing us.

yashasan83 says:

That whole fan assembly can come out through the bottom and gives you enough space to get those bolts out without having to do anything to the radiator itself as long as you can lift the car high enough

spow300 says:

Thanks Clint – I enjoy your videos. If i was not forewarned on the "too big bolt", I would have l lost it at that point. ridiculous engineering. My fan/shroud was really hard to move out of the way enough. I also had a lot of difficulty removing the harness to the alternator. Also connecting the large positive wire – did not have it orientated correctly (ended up pointing towards the engine instead of away) and had to remove the alternator again. At least the battery light did not come on after i started the engine. That all said, I would have had somebody else do it next time – mind you i was working in 0 C/32F weather conditions (in my shed though – Ontario Canada). I'm too embarrassed to tell you how long it took. my 2009 has every small fastener fused by rust. almost any 10mm snaps. fun car to drive when it runs but has been nothing but trouble for me. had a used engine put in it last January as the main bearing seized. i park it beside a really old maple tree that one day will fall.

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