Key Battery Hyundai Santa Fe Keyless HOW TO change

Key Battery Hyundai Santa Fe Keyless HOW TO change

This video will show you how to change the key battery on a Hyundai Santa Fe. The key is a smart or proximity key and it is easy to change the battery.

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Maria Laura Grosso says:

Thank you so much for the video. Perfectly explained and the info is not on the car's manual.

James Kramer says:

Thanks for the helpful tips . Same steps applied for the 2017 Santa Fe key fob

Lizzie Keiper says:

Super helpful! Thank you.

Cindy Ray says:

Thank you! My battery just died and this was extremely helpful!

junecherry says:

Thank you! I had a hard time to open it, you saved some trouble for me.

Larry Campbell says:

So the fob will continue to work with the vehicle after replacing the battery? No need to re program the fob once it has lost power ?

hooked4lifeca says:

Worked like a charm

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