Hyundai Sonata (2005-2014) – How to replace Door Jamb Switch |#doorjambswitch #hyundaisonata

Hyundai Sonata  (2005-2014) – How to replace Door Jamb Switch |#doorjambswitch #hyundaisonata

Few days later problem came back, actual problem on my Sonata was the latch striker piece not lined up correctly. Anyway at least this video shows you how to replace door jamb switch 🙂

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Hyundai Door Jamb Switch – Part Number: 93560-3L000

Accent | 2011-2014 | DOHC – GDI
Azera | 2005-2016 | High Grade | DOHC – GDI, DOHC – MPI
Equus | 2010-2015 | DOHC – GDI, DOHC – MPI
Genesis | 2008-2014 | DOHC – GDI, DOHC – MPI
Sonata | 2005-2014 | High Grade, Middle Grade | DOHC – GDI, DOHC – MPI, DOHC – TCI/GDI
Sonata Hybrid | 2011-2015 | DOHC – MPI
Tucson | 2009-2017 | DOHC – GDI, DOHC – MPI, Electric
Veloster | 2011-2014 | DOHC – GDI, DOHC – TCI/GDI

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Troy Elliott says:

Mine is doing opposite drivers door not always turning it on at that switch. But if I grab hold of rubber knob of switch pull it out just a wee bit it works. Maybe it is sticking in my case. Like those pull out plunger things in your bathroom shower it was seizing up. Lubed it now pops in and out freely. Mind you on ROCKAUTO the switches are not expensive. So unscrewed it. Pulled back the rubber casing some. Spray bunch of electrical cleaner lube in. Fixed my problem.

Terry Drake says:

Thank you. I haven't tried this yet, but it looks like just what I've been dealing with. Another side effect when this switch isn't working is that the beep from my key fob doesn't work either. That + the ceiling light issue seem to both indicate this is the problem.

Jose Valadez says:

My genesis just started doing this and the auto up feature on the window stop working. I try pressing the sensor w my thumb and it started working again however if feels somewhat lose. If it stops working again gonna try to put a new one in. Thank you!

noel head says:

My mom's 2013 doesn't have a switch like that. It's in the door actuator

Fred Fredricksen says:

First I apologize for giving you a thumb's down. I appreciate the time you took to demonstrate the replacement process. However, you are treating the symptom and not the cause of the problem in my opinion. I had the door ajar intermittently illuminating. Then one day it just stayed on, this means your alarm will not set. So it is a serious problem. I inspected the switch by pressing it in and out and observed the door ajar extinguish and illuminate. So the switch was suspected to be the "area" of the problem. But since the switch had motion and worked, I inspected the surface area the switch pushes against, the DOOR. I found that those irritating moments the seat belt did not retract back into the spring winder caused dents on the door surface. With the dents the switch fully extended does not compress to turn off the door ajar. So I built up the surface dented with rubber glue then placed an adhesive pad (like picture hangers use non-scarring), over the dent. Presto chango! problem is solved, no switch bought removed and installed. Fixing the problem not the symptom. If I bought a switch, its full motion may have fixed it but it remains doubtful and wasteful.

Agon says:

Where is the switch jamb in the rear trunk?

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