Hyundai Accent 2007 – HOW TO Replace the stereo.

Hyundai Accent 2007 – HOW TO Replace the stereo.

Step by step the removal of the car radio of a Hyundai Accent 2007, replacing it for a newer model.



BrysNightWorld says:

The MC models are some of the easiest cars to replace a stereo in. Just hope the double din kits aren't as hard to find, as they were in 09' xD

Mr.E "Barba Roja" The Viking says:

I got it from a shop called Audio Video Unlimited

Marinos Gousetis says:

Hi there,
Could you please reply to me with where did you get the 2DIN fascia because I've been searching for the last 5 years but haven't been able to find it. BTW Nice video!

subbasslines says:

Thanks heaps ☺

Murat Durgun says:

Which color of steering control cables in socket?

Flying Dreams says:

Hi, I got a problem with my tail latch electronics, the led for open trunk warning on display in front of the steering wheel started to be always on. I've detached the ground electrical wire from the tail switch just temporarily, and now led works just the opposite way, off when tail trunk opened, and on when tail trunk closed. Can you Please suggest me how I should fix this? Thanks in advance
Best regards

Kyle Johnston says:

I had trouble getting the screwdriver in to start, but found that if I remove the glove box I could push on a pin (the one in the lower right when viewed when viewed from the outside) from behind to get started.

2bmbm says:

How can I open the volume of fan under radio it's also running.

Sam Keg says:

I have the 2009 Hyundai accent and cannot figure out how to connect aux cord and get to aux on the radio

Jeff Morehouse says:

I'm looking to replace the factory stereo with a Single DIN Pioneer in my niece's car (same car/setup as in video). Will I be also to bolt it to the existing metal frame or will I need a new dash kit?

Daniel Chui says:

Thanks! Very good video. What is the model you put back later?

iLeetProductions says:

Did you unplug your battery first or is that unnecessary? Also do stereos just use the same adapter or do they come with a special wiring harness

Shalashaska016 says:

Thanks. Works for me. Should edit the title for 06-11 Hyundai Accent. if you have a Facebook page look up KDM Alliance. We are a major Korean Domestic Market enthusiasts group that try to help out one another. You can teach us and we can teach you.

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