How To Replace Front Brakes And Rotors On A 2013 Hyundai Sonata

How To Replace Front Brakes And Rotors On A 2013 Hyundai Sonata

In this video I will show you how to replace the front brakes and rotors using just some basic hand tools.Easy to follow step by step directions and video.



Anthony S says:

About to tackle this project on the exact same car this weekend. Thanks for the clear walkthrough of it all!

Adam Shibla says:

I there any big/important difference when replacing the pads and rotors on a 2013 Sonata Hybrid? This video was so clear and informative, thank you!

Syed Family says:

Hi Jim,

Thanks for the detail step by step on the job video. What's your email? How to reach and share pix for an expert advice?

God bless you!

Andres Vazquez says:

Thank you for your video. I was able to follow it step by step and made my job 10X easier and save me a couple benjies.

Don Virmond says:

Is there anything else to take into consideration when doing the rear brakes on the same car?

Paul Werner says:

I have been told that squeezing the piston in the manner that you did on cars with ABS will potentially damage the ABS unless you open up the bleeder valve; does that sound correct? Also, what was the torque required for each of the bolts? I'm thinking for the Front/rear guide bolt is 16-23 ft/lbs and Front knuckle bolt is 60-72 ft/lbs.

Harry Anderson says:

Thanks Jim, very helpful! The inner pad you removed had the caliper shim which I did not see you reinstall. Should that have gone back on the new pads?

Spechalkay Ben says:

Jim I have 2005 Isuzu Ascender. It cranks but doesnt start. I change battery no different.

mikebell016 says:

Thank you Jim.

Cuba's Automotive says:

Love those impact drivers! They can be life savers! Nice video Jim!

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