How to replace door speakers in Hyundai Santa Fe

How to replace door speakers in Hyundai Santa Fe

Here is a video to help anyone out there who wants to replace and upgrade the speakers in the front doors of their Hyundai Santa Fe. This video is a guide on a 2002 Santa Fe.



Matthias Ei says:

Do you have a video on how to replace the factory stereo?

Alfredo Hodgson says:

You think it’s similar to a 2007 hyundai tuscon?

Tom Whitfield says:

This video (and the one about replacing the rear speakers) just saved me $150 in labor for replacing my speakers.

seewall11 says:

Nice job. Thanks. Maybe try to work on the volume levels, video was really quiet?

AbortedEvolution says:

Thanks a bunch. Very helpful.

MistaSkilla692 says:

I'm looking at getting a 2003 Santa fe as my first car so having these videos gives me a lot of reassurance in case I need to replace anything

Hazael Narvaez says:

Thank you for the video! Definitely the most simple explanation.

John Daugherty says:

Can you do a ac compressor replacement video on the hyundai sante fe

Jimmy Rodriguez says:

What tools would I need and what parts ?

I Identify As The Milky Way says:

Exactly what i was looking for, thankyou.

Joseph Goldstein says:

2009 santa fe front left speaker wie is green and the other is black and white which is positive

TipsyPixie says:

Thank you for the video. You gave me the confidence to change my own stereo!

Jose A Avellanet says:

Great video.

skydrones2012 says:

Why you don't use filter capacitor ? Its very important to not distord the speaker

TrantaLocked says:

What's the difference between connecting the tweeters directly to the woofer vs to the existing wire?

Milos Markovic says:

Thank you very much, you help me to fix the window lift, greeting from Serbia…

Emmalie Patterson says:

What kind of connectors are those? I redid my stereo in my 03 Santa Fe and I’m tackling the speakers next!

Barazal Matazawad says:

Thx for the awesome vid

Alex Thomson says:

Love your Santa Fe videos! Any idea how to remove the panel to replace the rear speakers? My chilton manual doesn’t cover it.

Bradzzzz76 says:

Great video. What size speaker did you use as the replacement?

Gavin Buba says:

thank you for making this video. I have a 2004 hyundai santa fe and I am thinking about replacing the speakers. This is the only good video out there I appreciate it

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