How to replace and install stereo in Hyundai Santa Fe

How to replace and install stereo in Hyundai Santa Fe

Here is a very detailed tutorial for installing a new single or double din stereo in your Hyundai Santa Fe. The wiring harness was perfect but I would not recommend the trim kit that I used in this video.

Also if you are looking for a very nice stereo at a amazing price I highly recommend the Pioneer FH-X730BS

I couldn’t be more pleased with all of this stereos options. I even purchased mine second hand and it was a great buy.



Zirui Hao says:

Why do we need a wiring harness?

fonzo2525 says:

be careful doing this,the bottom retainers with the holes that the screws insert upwards are extremely flimsy ,i rested it on the top of the temp control box while unplugging the clock and other things and one broke right away,no worries,it went back together perfectly and sturdy and you'll never see it,so there's that,just sayin

Bruce L. says:

Very nice. I need to replace the radio in the Santa Fe and change some dash lights while I'm at it.
Thanks for the video.

Luke Clement says:

Was this the infinity system?

Danika Mageau says:

Hello, I installed a radio following this video. Did your keyless entry work after installing the new radio?

Fercho ramirez says:

Thank youuu

fonzo2525 says:

great video,i'm not doing a radio swap but this was super helpful in learning how to replace the dash clock,,the only difference is i have digital climate controls but that won't make a difference i don't think,thx you.

VKicksVLOG! says:

I actually got the kit that comes with the harness hopefully i dont need to trim anything, i think thats the only kit they have for this suv

VKicksVLOG! says:

I ordered that dash kit, is that bad?

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