How to replace a battery on a 2013-2016 Hyundai Santa fe

How to replace a battery on a 2013-2016  Hyundai Santa fe

In this video I will show you how to replace a battery on this 2013 Hyundai Santa fe.I will show you also how to save the memory on your radio and GPS.




jim is one of the most honest and talented mechanics I know. every time I see his videos I always learn something . jim one question re the cables the nuts are they 10 mm ? grate video . check your inbox for a pm I want to share some good news with you but want to keep it pvt

Matt Trotta says:

You don't go into any detail as to why the key needs to be turned on. Is it because the accessory port gets turned on and lets current flow? In the old shop I was at we had a unit that plugged into the OBD port and didn't turn the key on. Is it because that is Hot all the time?

wyattoneable says:

Slick job there Jim. Having that extra power pack sure saves some time and customer grief. When my wife loses her presets I hear about it! Plus I'm the one that has to reset everything.

briancnc says:

Great video Jimmy. What do you think overall about the Tucson or santa fé?

Thomas Tommy says:

As always a good video. Thanks for sharing Jim. I hope you have a blessed weekend.

Edmund Mendez says:

Thanks for the video. You have to have the key on the ON position because the battery saver won't provide power otherwise? What about cars that don't use car keys anymore?

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