How To Diagnose And Replace The Harmonic Balancer Crankshaft Pulley 2006 Hyundai Sonata 3 3

How To Diagnose And Replace The Harmonic Balancer   Crankshaft Pulley 2006 Hyundai Sonata 3 3

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Do you have a intermittent squeaking or rubbing noise by the fan belt area.Don’t jump to conclusions before you check this.Easy to replace the harmonic balancer.,crankshaft pulley.
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Frankstand Slim says:

toyota is GARBAGE

HumanUnit says:

trying to do it on a Santa Fe 2007 v6 2.7, the harmonic balancer separated , so far I just try to pull off the pulley with absolutely no luck, I used a puller as well and doing so, the whole thing is coming with the pulley (we can see the timing belt pulley coming out etc.. yes we've took out the bolt ) what should have been a 20 min jobs took 4 hours for nothing.. we are now afraid it could be worst than just the balancer which separated, I don't understand what's going on here. In every video I've watched it comes out in 5 mins ..

Wazowski says:

Am I crazy or does this guy sound like Peter Griffin?

Tonya Armstrong says:

Did I miss where you showed how to take off the old pulley and put on the new one?

Pocholo Maglalang says:

wow. shit its that simple uh. thank you for making this video

Robert Petterson says:

if the inner and outer rings start to separate and turn independently, will that throw the timing off? When I tried timing mine, the timing mark was bouncing around, making me think the ring was turning at a different rotation then the crank.

Itselate says:

If the harmonic balancer is going bad. Could you see it from the crankshaft pulley wobbling. I have a 1999 Honda prelude and the pulley is wobbling… which I think is also causing the crankshaft sensor to get intermittent readings.

Edward says:

What did you do to keep the balance from turning when torquing it to spec????

Paul Santos says:

I'm pretty late for the party but here goes: Good time to replace front seal.

Zach Yee says:

What are the torque specs? I have the exact same model Sonata

Zack Brock says:

Hey buddy you said if anybody has any questions to ask you and you’re more than happy to help. I really hope so because I’m having an issue that I can’t seem to pinpoint.

I have a 2006 Infiniti him 45. It has the 4.5 L V8 I was having some belt squeaking noises occasionally and some chatter coming from the motor. I could not find the cause, well my power steering belt finally snapped, and I found out where the issue was. LOL as I was changing that I needed to remove the AC alternator water pump belt at the same time to get the new power steering belt on. As I removed the other belt I noticed it was damaged as well, so I replaced it with a new one. Got it all put back on started up everything was spinning true no problems. After 100 mile round-trip the next day, I discovered a small bit of chatter barely noticeable, coming from the engine area. As I take a look down into the bay I noticed there is a wobble to my harmonic balancer. I’m going to assume that that is what mangled and broke my belts, what would cause that? It’s not a huge wobble but it’s enough to have caused damage. Is that because it bye a bad harmonic balance or, or could one of my other police be out of line and causing it to wobble? I’m not sure if a harmonic balance or is supposed to have a little bit of wiggle room from factory, or what?. Thank you in advance for any insight you may provide me on this issue.

eulalao martinez says:

i am glad i saw this i already changed the alternator , the pulley , the ac compressor bearing and still have noise , turned the car on with belt off perfect no noise put belt on noise came back did not even think about the crank shaft pulley , i think you just saved my ass , thank you for video .will check tomorrow .

Skip741 x says:

Dude,How on earth were you HOLDING that crank still while applying 224lbs????? thats a hellacious amount of torque! my probe gt was only 120ftlbs and i held it by putting tranny in gear and someone held brake on and at same time i had a strap wrench around the balancer and held it there as well.. is it safe to hold the crank with a strapwrench on outside of harmonic pulley? i was worried it might break the rubber if too much torque applied..though 120 is half of what u applied!

Its Prowler says:

How much you charge for that i had get this done to my 2006 Hyundai Tiburon 2.7L it cost me 2k but i got a hood (that cost like 800 alone). My timing belt and lower timing belt cover and the sprocket was not able to be saved he couldn’t get it out completely seized up. I just think Hyundai’s are junk now because of this and im scared to drive it now lol. I got the timing belt replaced because I can’t afford bent valves and the possibility of a blown motor.

James Taylor says:

Going to say this alot when watching your videos. Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

Victor X says:

Early stages?

roadstar499 says:

i think i have a bad harmonic balancer… motor is running perfect (Just tuned up),but it shakes… looking at bottom pully it seems to have slight wobble even idler pulley it bouncing up and down…. does this sound about right??? thanks

Raymond Panek says:

Awesome observant diagnosis way to get hands on and look for the lil bugger cause all us techs know…it dont make a sound from nothing be it benign or not, check everything! I hope that Hyundai owner sent you a thank you card I've seen some gouged timing cases but usually it's the bastard 3 valve ford 4.6 and 5.4 lol not a hynudai… then again people open their cars by the door handles too lazy to push the door and these older ones held by one 11 mm bolt…snap…but hey…how long can flippin rubber hold two pieces of iron together…seriously most techs or mechs pass or ehh its nothing…if you own this car get this guy a nice gift card and I'll give a well earned like subscribe and comment! Keep vids like this of the more uncommon failures coming!

Ron i says:

How did you stop the shaft from turning when you torque the bolt?

Video works says:

thanks very good

shortthrow50 says:

There is no way in hell that that little ass balancer bolt requires 224 foot pounds of torque. Do you know how much 224 foot pounds is?

Bryce says:

224 ft.lbs

so… pull 'till ya fart, got it.


Very helpfull, thank you!

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