Bringin Back Da Bass / Hyundai Install / Hifonics Thor 3000 Watt amp + Solobaric L7 15

Bringin Back Da Bass / Hyundai Install / Hifonics Thor 3000 Watt amp + Solobaric L7 15

Got my car running again but still no big 3 upgrade except engine block ground. Today I was ready for bass so I got up early and started the install. I wish …



tony smith says:


cotyballs says:

Thumbs Up for the Vid but Thumbs Down on Kicker Power Handling

loudtowncar says:

yeeee mang coming together nicely!!!!

casperskafs says:

@93DARIAN I tune by ear. Just adjust and listen then adjust and listen
until it sounds best

skatecodered says:

Hell yea man!!! That shit is slammin!! You need another 15 in their man??
Try to get 2 15s or a better single 15

casperskafs says:

@rayfrausto1 Depends what you mean on a good price. Also depends if you can
shop online AND if you want new subs or used subs.

ammyg123 says:

@casperskafs ok thanks ha might wait till summer when im off from college.
but im gonna pack the trunk like i spent around 2 weeks fully dynamatting
my elantra. i stripped the doorpanls back seats and trunk. i have 2 12;s
but i have 3 new 15 l7’s and m gonna make like a wrap around box. and my
dad actually got me another hifonics ths mno amp. so im going to get a
third. im running a boss acoustic 200 watt 2 channel for my 6.5’s and
6×9’s. im gonna try and make it dumb loudd.

skatecodered says:

That amp looks so sick man hell yea 🙂 Keep it up man!!! GOOD PROGRESS 🙂
DONT BLOW THAT BITCH OUT MAN!! Get 2 15s man get another kicker or

ammyg123 says:

@ammyg123 got another altenator cmming my way as well.looking for another

kc6385 says:

i have an 04′ elantra, sim to yours. 0 guage along the side, tight, but not
that bad, didn’t have to rip up carpet or take out the seat, b-pillar panel
had to come off though. Big 3 didn’t go as bad for me, i fused the alt to
bat wire, and kept all stock wiring, just added 0guage, and didn’t run into
the probs that you did. I’m running 2 jl 13w6’s (sealed enclosure) on an
alpine m12, and jbl components up front, and 6×9’s rear, off an alpine f4,
kenwood hu. Tuned with a smd dd-1 (awesome tool).

joe richardson says:


Cameron Cressman says:

looking good man

casperskafs says:

@33basshead Hellz yea. Thats awesome

33basshead says:

Hey man nice system, I have 2 Type R’s (check out my videos!) But I really
want a custom ported box. Do you suggest a certain frequency level or type
of build for the box?

HtcDroidIncredible says:

Of that blows get a solo x

casperskafs says:

@cotyballs LOL Thanks man

Grant Grevenstuk says:

DID THAT KNOB WORK??? Sucks you can’t make it out to hammond sunday, but
its all good bro

casperskafs says:

@grantgrevenstuk Sending you a pm about all that 🙂

Jarad Reaper says:

you should have the same size power and ground but even better to have a
bigger ground

casperskafs says:

@jarad89 On my way

casperskafs says:

@skatecodered Thanks man. I’m gonna try not to blow this sub but I don’t
wanna spend any more money or time on this car. I gotta finish my civic

sihkiddkasper says:

u might be clipping the shit out of your sub bro, especially if its getting
hot that quickly

casperskafs says:

@powerpunchhx2 I’m sure you’ll still get me. Expecailly with that new box
but its always fun to have someone to compete against. I don’t mind loosing
to ya cause it just makes me try harder to get louder. I’ll be ready in
april but I wish I had 2 12’s. I’m not spending any more money on this car
though. Its holding back my civic

ammyg123 says:

@casperskafs i dont bump like gettin nutty but sometime i have the seats
down. im just thinking bout testing something new. i used to have the subs
in my truck but i took them out.

powerpunchhx2 says:

dame you need to get her done cause aprils comp is coming up real
soon..take your time that new amp looks nice as hell right face the
same thing i have the subz get hot and smell…just take it eazy,cause
after 2 miins i smell the coils..looks like she can do more….yes you will
cause i will do both db and drag race..always come for me and the
next!!!!!i wont get mad cause thats what your sopost to do!!!i love it for
real. i would love to lose to an good friend or better yet win…

casperskafs says:

@loudtowncar Thanks man

casperskafs says:

@kc6385 Nice setup bro!!

gweezy1 . says:


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