Welding New Rocker Section And Installing New Airbags On My Wrecked Hummer

Welding New Rocker Section And Installing New Airbags On My Wrecked Hummer

In this video we get back to work on the hummer, and we replace the damaged rocker peice and install new airbags into the hummer and get it ready for bodywork,
Stay tuned for the next part.
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andrew Edwards says:

What happened to the p51 mustang and rebuilder max brz

Lucas Martínez Parra says:

The Hummer H3 is taking shape. Nice work, Kondor.

Dennis McBain says:

I have intended to say that Max is really upping his game. He is following his dad and brother with some mad skills. Way to go Max.

Suutiya - සූටියා says:

I was sent a message to you on Instagram. I have a gift for you. please contact me.I'm Suneth Sri Lanka. (Gift-Channel Logo)

Shen Maduvinda says:

Awesome guys.watching you since the black Mustang build.keep up the good work

Kevin Cribbs says:

Everything you guys buy from copart salvage title or also clean title?

Lalit K says:

In this lock down situation, pl dont edit VDO for duration. Make it at least 30 mins.. :-)) Stay safe.

JR says:

You guys rock.

Sandun Sudasingha says:

oldest mf is best. he is really talented. love those works. stay safe!

Areg 1337 says:

amazing how father is fixing that rear fender

Blaq Deval says:

Great work… best thing to do is just throw the white doors and fender rather than fixing the hacked up doors since u d paint anyway with factory color! Great job guys and can't wait to see the mysterious wheels!!!

Clay Whitney says:

I have watched every video since the G37 build and you never fail to impress! Great work and content! Stay safe!

George Kassouf says:

God work stay blessed.

shartne says:

Nice fitment good fix Daddy Kondor.

Anthony Colella says:

Love the channel

Muzafer Yilmaz says:

You guys deserve millions of subscribers. Realy talentet mekanics. Lots of love from Denmark, be safe

Leonardo Benine says:

Thank you for helping us to go through this quarantine.

Awesome content. Stay safe from Brazil!

Hayden Croft UK says:

Brilliant work thanks for the content and can’t wait for the next video. Stay safe

Jake Miller Omega Mata says:

how about the other cars that you buy in copart when did you build it

Andrew Ferguson says:

Great Job!!! Thank You…:-)

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