Replacing CV Axle shaft on Hummer H3 and H3T

Replacing CV Axle shaft on Hummer H3 and H3T

Entire process, start to finish (as detailed as possible), for changing out a CV Axle shaft on a 06 Hummer H3 also works exactly the same for H3T
I’m no professional (just do alot on my trucks) so take that as a warning to be cautious when doing any work on your Hummer.

I have had to change out probably 10 shafts on both my trucks combined, so learning may help save you money and time



Dan Agado III says:

I did this same procedure with my buddy on his H3. We went out for a test drive and got a lot of vibration on acceleration. Does anyone have any insight on the vibration?

Humman Off-Road Adventures says:

a bit more than you had to replace it – but nice work and thanks for sharing

TheMan TheLegend says:

you did way more work than necessary. undo axle bolt. drop ball joint nuts and remove entire break assembly and hub as one piece.

TheLC73&H3T says:

Oh wow, and i was thinking of going to those reinforced cv's, think I'll just stick with changing cv's out until I go straight axle. lol

TheLC73&H3T says:

I've changed mine out also, wish they would just make a better boot, I'm on my 4th set.

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