Hummer sunroof drain leak fix forever review

Hummer sunroof drain leak fix forever review

Hummer sunroof drain leak fix forever review



MrPagesports says:

Lost grommet as I was trying to put it back in! Where can I get another one?
Couldn't find the one I dropped!

Roland moreno says:

My little hands got .lol

Roland moreno says:

Ty Ty it worked brother

clark C says:

Yes you need little hands to get in there I like you managed to pull the grommet out with the tip of me fingers. BUT!!! trying to put it back in turned into a disaster my hand and fingers can only
go but so far. So I dropped the grommet and I cannot find it. Do you have any ideas for me?


Thanks for the video.i will try it ,i have been hesitant about taking the trim apart and getting a rattle afterwards,but it's worth it not getting that module wet.

jsteele650 says:

Any more leaks or clogs since you opened up the grommet?

MiharilaW says:

Beware that you might disconnect the hose from the top nodule where the water enters on the sunroof. When you test it with a cup off water, the water runs directly into the cab, not through the hose. Don't panic, just take apart the sun visor, peel the top liner just enough to see the hose, push it back onto the nodule and put things back together!

Louie Bevilacqua says:

is there a firewall grommet on the drivers side also

MetalMeth69 says:

Did your speakers stop working because of the leak?

Scotty Dont says:

Hes trying to be like Amiri King but instead it's a hummer review lol :p see how easy it is to find similarities? Just being funny man, hope you have a sense of humor! Loved the hummer commercial edits.. was on point!

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