Hummer stuck in gear Repair.

Hummer stuck in gear Repair.

Easy repair.

The nylon bushing the holds the cable to the shift lever had a limited life and when it fails your either stuck in park or in a gear, so for twelve dollars and about 10 mins you can save yourself a lot of money with with how-to/DIY video.

If your not able to get to the auto parts store, some zip-ties can help you get your rig home.

Doorman part# 14055

Thanks to hummerfourms for the part number!

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Bernard Russ says:

Is this under the truck

Corey Welch says:

Thanks for the video! I was able to fix mines!

Marcos Perez says:

Yes Sir thats great thanks i alredy click

Marcos Perez says:

You save me 300$

Marcos Perez says:

Good job bro

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