Hummer H3 with 7" LED Headlights from Jeep Wrangler

Hummer H3 with 7" LED Headlights from Jeep Wrangler

Here I made a video of instructions on how to install a 7″ led jeep wrangler headlights. I’ve bought this item from Ebay. There is no major modification to make it fit into the Hummer H3.



MrDajv says:

What is the name or how do you order that adaptor to connect the oem to the new plug

bikerleathertv says:

Actually, a guy makes a few Hummer parts and is currently out of stock of this one, but I am sure will be back in stock. Go here:
You're welcome. 🙂

albert L says:

How long these light last if bulb burns out the entire unit needs replacing?

albert L says:

The ground is not the center pin unfortanetly on that 3 pin. The manufacter has high low pins recersed .

WyldsideRadio says:

your a hack…. sorry but true..thumbs down for you Mr Mcgiver

holidayrap says:

Put a pair of H2 door mirrors on an H3. It took a bit of "engineering" but I did it…works and looks great. I think its the best non-performance mod you can do on an H3.

Unique Fareedmg says:

Thank you
I did exactly like you explain for installing the light , but when I finish the alignment not ok ( / )like this

Hummer H3 How-To's says:

FYI: you may use anything stronger wires other than the heavy duty zip ties to hold the headlights into place. I avoided screws or bolts because than adjusting the headlight spotlight will be difficult.

Amer Mustafa says:

the reason why your lights didn't come on when you turned on the switch is you have to put the car in drive for headlights to come on…you didn't have to take the wires out of the plug, that's what happened to me when I installed my lights.

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