Hummer H2 Cold air intake CAI install before and after review

Hummer H2 Cold air intake CAI install before and after review

Here is a quick video of my new Cold air intake (CAI) I installed on my hummer H2. My overall review is that I like it much better. It cleans up under the hood nicely and really adds a nice touch to the look. Not bad for under $100.



aintdah1 says:

What was the Diameter size of the filter

R P says:

quick question. i assume the top of the air box hits the hood and seals it up right? but then you see where the air filter sits in the airbox and where the air pipe comes in? there is a gap there where hot air could come into the airbox. have you thought about sealing that? i noticed that some brands have that part insulated whether its a big piece of rubber so that no hot air can get into the air box

or am i over thinking?

CW Hall says:

You gotta link on for that cold air kit bro? I'm a fellow Hummer rider…. What about it's function? Did it make the 6.0 breath better?

aintdah1 says:

What's the link ,to the Seller for the intake?

shaun langston says:

What a good way to destroy the motor

Destaye says:

Looks cool…im planning a snorkel air intake…it raises your fuel economy 3-7 more miles per gallon.

J Lang says:

Nice, clean job bro! Where did you get the alternator from?

speedy turbo says:

Very clean!

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