How To Fix Traction Control Light on HUMMER

How To Fix Traction Control Light on HUMMER

How To Fix Traction Control Light on HUMMER H2 | Service Stabilitrak Light Fix on HUMMER H2 | C0710 code Steering Position Signal Sensor Replacement

2008 HUMMER H2
It’s not necessary to take out the whole steering wheel assembly.
The only reason I have taken out the steering wheel for video purposes.


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Sidhu DIY says:

How To Fix Traction Control Light on HUMMER | Service Stabilitrak Light Fix on HUMMER H2 | How To Fix C0710 code Steering Position Signal Sensor

Sam Sen says:

Oh forgot to ask. I see you are using CR+ icarsoft OBDII scanner. So how do you like it? Does it have diagnosis for ABS, Transmission and Airbag too? Do you recommend it or do you like something else better. Thanks,

Sam Sen says:

15:00 Sidhu: Though you are one of the few people that I love and admire a lot on YT / H2 related stuff, yet you are the same person I hope to get all the H2 Problems!!! Of course not in a bad way but as you say, NO ONE can show how to fix H2 problems better than you. ( :- )
Well done job and appreciated you sharing it with H2 fan community.

Two additional things:
1- When there and all covering parts open, I wish you would prophylactically change that soon to fail, driver side AC/Heater Actuator (I guess two of the four, that are pain in the body part to be changed, but very easy to fail) so you wouldn't have hot blowing heater in coming summer, instead of cool AC.
2- Please look into either a GoPro (Even older editions Hero-5 or 6- or better a cheap gopro clone such as Eken H9R+, Yi 4K, Akaso V50 pro) that you can easily attach them to anything, including (Usually included) a head strap band and see exactly what your eyes see, but with both hands free to do the job at best and easier. You can attach them to a lead light head strap etc as well to both have a point to install and also compensatory additional bright light. In short, you can have much better recording, when your field of camera coverage is very close to your own eyes and both hands, fully free.

Thanks again for all the good job and its time to see if you have any good recipe on how to make delicious Poury!

Uncle Remus says:

Wanna be my dad? Thanks for all the Hummer videos, they are extremely helpful.

X X says:

Finally a fix thank-you bhai!

WQQDS says:

Thanks keep the H2 videos coming

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