How To Replace Timing Belt & Water Pump on Honda Civic Sohc 96-00

How To Replace Timing Belt & Water Pump on Honda Civic Sohc 96-00

Timing Belt/Water Pump Kit –
OEM Honda Oil Pump Seal –
Continental AC Belt –
Pack of all 3 Accessory Belts –

Torque Specs D Series –

Maxpeedingrods Parts I’m Using (Coilovers, Traction Bar, Splitter Brackets) –

Stainless Brake Lines I Like for Rear Disc Swapped Setups –
New EF Rack & Pinion That I Prefer –

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My GoPro –
My Mirrorless Camera –

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BuLLCumulus says:

I have a 170k mile d16y8 do you recommend replacing the oil pump?

Humble slice cake says:

Is this video similar to do for an 1998 honda ex?

Jesse Gunn says:

Hey I have a 97 Civic ex 5 speed need water pump and timing belt replacement do you know less how much a shop will charge??? Thx

Paul Unnasch says:

Yeah I live in Wisconsin. First step would be to spray P-Blaster on everything and let it sit overnight

Funk Worth Rollin says:

Oh boy. Tryin to do this and to find broken, missing, stripped bolts makes this alot of fun.


Great channel you got going on sir 🙂 Just discovered. Im a Texan also.

slyler bonneau says:

thank you very much sir, well done, much appreciated.

Ignacio Grimaldo says:

Hey John i have a question on my d15b7 when i bring my Cam to TDC my crank is not lining up with the single line (next to the other 3) i can’t get both to match only either or , when i turn my crank to TDC i put my dipstick in cylinder #1 to verify piston is all the way up and it is not , I’d say it’s all the way down and I’m just trying to get motor in TDC before removing crank

Bal Loney says:

Just deleted my negative comment. I actually learn from you… many thanks for posting!

Rob P says:

Thanks for the detailed walkthru.

Frank Acosta says:

Good to learn how to fix certain vehicles

Jonathan Requena says:

Man this gonna be a royal pain in the ass

LuDD FOee says:

When changine timing DO YOU HAVE TO REMOVE THAT OTHER COVER ? New to civic thing just wondering…

Jason Young says:

Is that torque mount in bad shape? Mine on my civic is in bad shape like yours. Is that what could cause my car to shake while its at idle? I noticed it moves A LOT when i shift through the gears. This is my first honda and thought it was a motor mount

tigersnake72 says:

This mechanic always put excellent videos

Goat 710 says:

Perfect explanation video your saving lives out here man! Or atleast a lot of time and cuss words

Smilin Bastard says:

If you replace the water pump is it a must to replace any other seals or gaskets?

Bob Davies says:

Are 1991 Accords A/C similar to this.?? Are you in west Texas.??

Xaby Sebastian says:

More contents bro. Sohc vids are rare

Gabriel Tiago says:

Thanks for Sharing! Regards

Aaron Vargas says:

Great vid. Timing it is the hardest part

Ediag automotive tools says:

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