How to Replace the Starter on a 2002-2007 Honda Accord with 2.4L Engine in 20 Minutes

How to Replace the Starter on a 2002-2007 Honda Accord with 2.4L Engine in 20 Minutes

Brian Eslick from How to Automotive takes you step-by-step through the process of replacing the starter motor on a 2002-2007 Honda Accord with 2.4L engine.

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Harley Mathieu says:

It’s a great guide but somehow mine is different than yours I was trying not to remove a lot of stuff but I ended up doing so. Thanks

Hall House says:

Awesome no BS repair video.The way should all be .
No stupid intro music and graphics or you telling us how your dramatic week went with your stressful life.
Just hey fix your broken car by doing this quickly and make some money….love it!
I’ll bet you a million bucks the dealer techs do it this way and get paid flat rate for the big job.
Poor guys gotta make money somehow since they keep cutting flat rate times on those guys.

Howie Kahn says:

you are some kind of mad man

Michael Josephs says:

Thank you for the excellent in depth video, I just replaced starter thanks to your instructions!

Robert Ruis says:

You, are a brother from another mother, my man!
Great video! A major blessing as I just finished the job. You even say the size of each fastener.
I used some never-seize on the starter bolts as I’m in the northeast.
Thank you again!

Cherea Born says:

I changed my starter and it turns over but won't crank. Any ideas? Please help

Bryce Abell says:

I just replaced my starter and now my car will crank but won’t turn over… I’m thinking it might be the battery? It little by little got weaker as I tried to start it. Any suggestions ?

thurman says:

Great video. I don’t have this model Honda. But I just like the automotive videos.

gaff205 says:

I didn't even know there was another way other then this's the only way I do it since 2004

Harold Pizzetta says:

Thanks Brian. I followed your steps to change the starter in my 2004 Accord. I was able to remove the 17mm with a 3/8 drive and short socket without the extension. The first time I started it after the replacement, I heard a grinding noise. I took the reman starter out and O'Reilly tested it three times. It tested fine. I put the reman back in and was very careful about placement. It worked great. Parts cost me about $180 (reman starter and gasket). Firestone quoted $520 for the job. Thanks again for taking the time to make this video.

Brandon Himself says:

Right on thank you so much I just knocked it out in about double the time but still went a lot faster and easier. Grateful*

celica90gt says:

Should be 2003-2007 not 2002

1roxtube says:

Need the radio code after this. Any chance you have that?

Jeff Schneider says:

Thank you for uploading this video! It helped me out a lot! Of course, it took me a helluva lot longer than 20 minutes due to my lack of pneumatic tools and the gratuitous amount of rust. But still, your a lifesaver and I hope you continue to post more videos!

renegade43 says:

Wish it was this easy on an Element. Just not enough room from the intake to the radiator 🙁

James L says:

Can you do a 2008 Accord starter in about the same time?

Refiner Similitude says:

This was very helpful, thank you. We knocked it out. Maybe not in 20 minutes, but much faster than expected.

thenextceo says:

Excellent video! However, behind my plenum there is a rather large black plastic enclosure not seen in your engine. Really blocks access to the starter even when pulled aside. What is that part all about and can it be removed also?

Jordan Cox says:

What were the symptoms before replacing the starter?

priser24 says:

Just had my Accord not start for the second time. I had the battery and alternator tested and cleaned my battery terminals after the first time, so I think I'm about to make good use of this video. Thanks so much for the upload!

zigner says:

Thanks for posting this. Please correct the title to say 2003-2007 Accord, as the 2003 was the first year of the 7th generation Accord. The 2002 has a different engine, so this video does not apply to that year's model.

The Raconteur says:

This is not how it's done on a 2002.

Thomas Fuller says:

Job well done! Excellent explanation and video!

Ray says:

Wya tho lolololol

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