How to Replace Piston Return Springs (and Head Gasket)

How to Replace Piston Return Springs (and Head Gasket)

Blown Head gasket? Learn how to replace your head gasket and piston return springs so your car or truck can run and drive again! In this video I show you how to replace the piston return springs and the head gasket on a 200k mile Honda Del Sol and get her back on the road!

Get your Own Blinker Fluid, Muffler Bearing, and Piston Return Springs HERE:

Car OBD2 Scanner:
Impact Gun:
Torque Wrench:
Head Gasket:

How to Replace Blinker Fluid:
How to Replace Muffler Bearing:

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ChrisFix says:

I hope you guys enjoy this one! This is, FOR REAL, how to replace a head gasket so although it is fun, it is also helpful!
Get your own Blinker Fluid, Muffler Bearing, and Piston Return Spring Decals here:

Dont forget the Blinker Fluid:
And Muffler Bearings:

iTz Euro says:

I didnt even know there are Piston return springs in a engine xD Are they in every engine?

NEXTY Gamming flexy says:

Best car fix channel

blackcarmafia says:

In the movie dumb and dummer, he was faking for 20 years he was braindamaged … kinda how you spent all day faking fixing this car lol

Mohd Syafwan says:

Hi ChrisFix, I absolutely loveeee all your videos, and i actually learned a lot from you. Thank you for all the info's youve given.
I have one problem with my car and if you could make a video for it, it'd be super great. my car's rpm keeps on jumping when its at idle. i have no idea why, maybe its the idle sensors, maybe the throttle body is dirty i am not sure. Hope you can share your ideas. Btw, much love from Malaysia!!

aBuruBuruGuy says:

Wait so what are the springs? (Not a car guy so somebody explain!) are they actual things?

The Traveler says:

I bet the guy that sold this car has to be kicking himself on how easy this was to fix.

djmaya3d says:

You got me all the way until the point i was going to congratulate you on saving that engine and then I saw the other comments…

Zombie Killa says:

even though u use editing to speed up the process, u make everything look so fucking easy lmao! id never beable to do anything like this and my truck has alot of problems..:/

jrummer says:

should you replace that oil a few more times after a headgasket to make sure you get all the coolant out?

Mr_Cike21 Cikic says:

chris clean the honda engine and fix hole on back of honda pls .

Thomas Heaven says:

Piston return springs? Never heard of such thing. 0_o

TheMrbean97 says:

Lol never heard piston return ring ahahhaha

Coolbtox Gaming says:

Hey Chris can you do a video about how to fix oil leak from bell housing plz I have Durango 1998

WangChung81 says:

The quality of this video, just for the sake of a prank, is amazing. I lost it at the entry in the manual. 10/10

Deticed says:

Hi Chris, nice video!

Wondering if you could help me out with something.
Whenever I'm parked and I back up (steering wheel all the way turned to either side) a super loud bump sound comes out of my car.
Did some research but couldn't quite figure it out myself.


Andreas Jones says:

Don't forget to top off the blinker fluid while you're at it.

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