How to Replace Head Unit Radio Honda Civic 2001-2005 EASY!

How to Replace Head Unit Radio Honda Civic 2001-2005 EASY!

Today we are showing you how to put in a new head unit radio for a Honda Civic between the years of 2001-2005. I believe this will also apply to the same years Accord as they use the same panel to hold the radio in. Thank you so much for watching!

Head Unit:

Fit Kit:


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Kaden Emerson says:

On 16:15 when he grabbed the cars blue wire harness. Yeah. I don’t have that in my 2001 Honda Civic lx. It’s just wires that were connected to the old stereo. Now I have a knee one that have completely different colors and I don’t know what to do. I’ve search everywhere. Someone please help.

Joe says:

I can't find the Sony unit anywhere, currently sold out. Does anyone know if any unit will fit with the fit kit that is listed above? Sorry kind of new to this.


what do you guys think about installing an aftermarket head unit with apple carplay into the car?

james perez says:

Where can I find that screen radio?

sean rickards says:

Wish me luck, I'm watching the video since I gott'a attack this chore for my daughter's Civic tomorrow!

KyleFK8 says:

Hello can u put back camera on this screen?

MrZack1916 says:

2002 Honda civic ex is a little different.

dSlice94 says:

I used the same radio. The AXV 1000 – a newer model with backup camera feature. I liked how clean the unit looked. Honda seems to be a pain doing any av work but workable.

the great says:

I ordered the scoshe one for 04 civic. Didn't fit. What do i need

Ali Hadi says:

Hey Ryan I have 2005 hybrid Civic I was thinking about putting the same system but would it affect the hybrid battery if I install this radio?

HerMar 100%islove says:

Where are you located

Joseph Palo says:

This video is great! Really shows how easy it can be. Just one question, with the USB, is it possible to fit it in one of those areas near the cigarette lighter?

Aiden Miller says:

Is their any radios like this that are cheaper!!

Aiden Ferry says:

This was super helpful!

Dan Pomykalski says:

If this video has taught me one thing, it's that I need a body panel remover…

Richard Virrueta says:

Is there a way to switch the positions of the cubby and stereo slots (single din) ? I want the stereo on the bottom portion …

Alexander Gregorov says:

I have made any money in 10yrs, never had a driver's license, but my dad got a Honda Civic the other day and I see potential. Somehow any nonexistent miracle occurs and I come across all the money I need to handle it. Then you best believe I'm gonna hook this damn car up all the way, starting with the radio. Somebody tell me please, do miracles occur? Will I ever start making real money again?

Mario Meza says:

Why does everything have to be so difficult?!!!!

Дмитрий Прозоров says:

Good afternoon, tell me the frame for the right wheel! I can’t find it very necessary!

Дмитрий Прозоров says:

добрый день подскажите рамку для правого руля! не могу найти очень нужно!

jtmax24 says:

Hey, I wanted to say Thank You. I was able to change out my radio with little trouble. You're freaking awesome!

Nick Jones says:

Would you do it the same way in a manual?

Ktowers says:

I had mine working fine until my dad brought into auto zone idk wtf they did to it but it just has the words code on it.

frostedy0 says:

what if its a manual 03 will it still be possible?

Brian Oxendine says:

Will an 6.2” fit with no issues?

EastwoodGames says:

For anyone doing a DIY- don’t pull the cigarette lighter connector out like that. There’s a little tab underneath the connector that you press and then you can just pull it with a firm tug by hand.

Javier Marin Munoz says:

Cost of materials?

Delta-38 says:

You know why they don't use metal on plastic. Obviously you don't. IT LEAVES A MARK!!!!

Ninad Kothari says:

Thanks a lot for this video. Out of the 10 or so videos I watched before replacing the stereo in my 2003 Honda Civic this one was the best in terms of clarity (no just the sound or video quality but the quality of the step by step instructions). I just replaced my OEM head unit with Pioneer AVH NEX-1400 with a back-up camera. Enjoying it so far. Thanks again!

reza salehi rahni says:

Thank you so much for your helpful video

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