How to Replace Front Passenger Side CV Axle 03-07 Honda Accord

How to Replace Front Passenger Side CV Axle 03-07 Honda Accord

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1A Auto shows you how to repair, install, fix, change or replace broken, worn, or vibrating passenger side CV axles. This video is applicable to the 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, Honda Accord, with automatic transmission.

🔧 List of tools used:
• Phillips Head Screwdriver
• Pry Bar
• 15mm Wrench
• 17mm Wrench
• 10mm Socket
• 15mm Socket
• 17mm Socket
• 32mm Socket
• Brake Caliper Hanger
• CV Axle Shaft Popper Tool
• Side Cutters
• 1/2 Inch Breaker Bar
• Ratchet
• Socket Extensions
• Torque Wrench
• Copper Anti-Seize
• Cotter Pin
• Rust Penetrant
• 3/16 Allen Wrench
• Center Punch
• Hammer
• Rubber Mallet

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Sarah b says:

Ive Taken pics if some how I can send u them so u may better understand my awesome problem

APOLLO says:

You did waaaay more than needed to get that out lol

Craig Davies says:

Thanks heaps just completed both cv's on Australian delivered Accord Euro, guide was spot on other than mine has a 36mm axle nut.

Han says:

Nice video but I'd take off the caliper at the beginning. And I also would use a jack to support arm when assemble.

robby m says:

Just take the fork off. It’s only one more bolt and it makes a lot more room and you don’t risk damaging your strut by pulling it around

FD Moore says:

Excellent video, excellent video work. FYI – I took me to the site to buy parts, so nice work!

Gerardo Donaire says:

Nice video very well explained

Joseph Delgadillo says:

Note to self, also just take the caliper off and save a bunch of wrestling.

Gera Mane says:

I seen that you ripped the boot

odd mods says:

Where's the stub axle? Isn't there another piece to the passenger side axle? With a mounting bracket has 3 bolts..

Gonzy1122 says:

I swear everyone's passenger axle is longer than mine. 03 Honda accord.

Zone B says:

Pretty good! But a very important note, you should've tightened the fork bushing with the car on the ground or the suspension loaded.

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