How to replace door lock actuator on a 2003-2007 Honda Accord (driver's door)

How to replace door lock actuator on a 2003-2007 Honda Accord (driver's door)

This video shows how to remove and replace a driver’s door actuator (door lock motor) on a 2003-2007 Honda Accord.



Hymnalysis says:

Thank you for posting this. It helped me make sense of some of the finer points of my latch cable replacement. Getting that assembly out and back in was the tough part!

The Barrow Family Aquarium says:

Thank you, this helped my through my DIY project.

Art of Thomas Estrada says:

Thank you sir! Great video. I followed this step by step on my daughter's 2005 Accord. All I spent was $25 on the part instead of the $150 quoted by the mechanic!!

Adriano Camargo says:

Excellent video, I'm Brazil and you help a lot with my 2006 honda accord. tkx

shootr04 says:

I just bought a 2004 Accord and I’m pretty sure both front door actuators are toast. This video will be a huge help, thank you!!

cheese master says:

i was looking for confirmation about the hand tool for those bolts. mine are supppper tight and i strip some but i think the tool will help. i only got one and the rest I put all my strength into, thanks.

King Kong says:

I followed what you were showing and finished mine perfectly. Luckily I didn't break a little clip 🙂 🙂 Great video Thank you.

Beck O' Gnize says:

Hi Paul. Great video! Best camera quality and detailed explanations I have seen so far on one of these.
I have a 2003 Honda accord. The front passenger side door will not unlock with fob or door control but I do see it trying to unlock ( the lock moves up a little but not enough to fully unlock.) If I push the unlock fob at the same exact time as pulling really hard on the lock I can get it to unlock. Then if I push lock button again the door locks. Do you think this is the actuator or something else. My car guy says, that because the lock moves he doesn't think it is the actuator. Please let me know what you think and thanks for the great video!

Rad 003 says:

Nice one Bruva done mi honda euro 07 word for word…. my driver door is on the right side of the car and did it with no problems… cheers

Bryan Mecklenburg says:

Fantastic video. Once the weather gets warmer (no more 15 degrees), I will be doing this fix to my daughter's car. Thanks!

Maverick Person says:

Thanks for the helpful video, in my 07 Accord, rear driver door lock doesn't work with remote or from the main master lock switch on the driver side, what could it be? I ensured child lock isn't engaged. If it's actuator, are steps exactly same? Thank you

Ericson Maia says:

Just perfect bro how you make the video, explanations and everything. Very detailed and patient. Thanks bro. I will do that on my car, same problem. But as it was not locking, I was using the car key and the lock stopped working too after a while, going to look for that fixing now.

MileHigh Built says:

What do you think could be the issue with the following: After arming/locking the car with the Key FOB (2003-2007 Honda Accord) & then coming back hours later to unlock the vehicle with the Key FOB (Recently replaced the key FOB battery) & it does NOT unlock the driver door or any of the doors (You hear a sound & see the blinker lights flash as usual but it doesn't unlock. Note: All other functions on the key FOB work; Arming/Horn honks/Blinker lights flash, trunk can release, panic button works, etc.) Then after physically inserting the Key in the driver door lock (Note: The Honda Accord only has one driver door exterior key lock out of all 4 doors) to attempt to unlock it by turning the key to the right, it does NOT unlock the door that way either (No matter how much you turn the key there is a lot of resistance & it won't unlock no matter how many times you try). When this first happened, I then replaced the Key FOB battery & then it worked/unlocked the doors using the Key FOB unlock button & also physically with the key, also the interior door lock switch unlocks/locks the doors without any issue. After 4 days the same issue occured again where I CAN'T unlock it with the Key FOB (With new FOB battery) or by using the physical key.
DO YOU THINK IT'S JUST THE KEY FOB/ UNLOCK BUTTON HAVING AN ISSUE? OR DO YOU THINK THAT THE DOOR LOCK ACTUATOR IS GOING BAD? (Note: After I get it unlocked 'see below' both of my Key FOB's & the unlock button in the vehicle all work fine until the issue occurs again) If it's the door lock actuator going bad, how can you tell?

Fortunately I found a way to roll down the windows via Key FOB (Press the UNLOCK button on the KEY FOB then press the UNLOCK button again & keep holding that button until the windows roll down, if that doesn't work try inserting your key into the door lock; turn it to the right once (or as much you can within reason) then let it go back to the middle while the key is still inserted in the door lock, then turn it to the right again & HOLD it (It may take 5-10 seconds) until the windows start to roll down (At this point you can press the unlock button from within your vehicle on the driver side arm rest; Try pressing it twice to unlock all doors & it should unlock (Note: Attempting to open the INTERIOR door handle may not open the door, you can try the other interior door handles as well, however the best way to unlock it is to press the UNLOCK BUTTON from within the vehicle) If the window only rolls down slightly then a long stick/long snow brush, etc. can be used through the window opening to press the unlock button, press it twice to unlock all doors then attempt to open via exterior door handles). FYI for anyone dealing with this type of issue (Good info to know in general). Also if you can access your trunk; remember the middle compartment toward the back of the trunk releases forward to gain access through the middle compartment of the back seat area) Only if you had it unlocked; From within the vehicle back seat area pull down the middle seat compartment/cup holders; you'll see a black middle compartment, use your key to unlock it and then test it to ensure it is unlocked & then try to open it from within the trunk as well (Always keep this unlocked for this reason in case using the Key/Key FOB, etc. does NOT unlock your doors or does NOT roll down your windows to allow you to access the interior unlock button). TRAVEL TIP: Bring an extra Key FOB with you & store it where it would be accessible (Not in your vehicle but in your travel bag, etc.), also bring an extra Key FOB battery & mini phillips/flat head screw drivers that will fit the Key FOB screw (test that it fits the screw & keep this stuff in your travel bag; not within the vehicle in case you need it) Also keep a long stick, snow brush, or 'L' shaped long thin bar in your trunk or travel bag in case your windows only roll down slightly using the Key FOB window roll down method mentioned previously so that you can press the interior door unlock button. COPY/PASTE or screen shot this & save it as 'CAR EMERGENCY' in your phone notes and add other tips as well or text it to yourself, this way you have it readily available in case you're in a place that you don't have internet access to look things like this up via YouTube, etc. (Download the app: Google Keep – Notes and Lists) if you don't already use a good note taking app on your phone, then like I said all you have to do is type in/search: 'Car Emergency' or whatever you label it as & it's accessible.
Please feel free to comment if you think you know what the issue described above may be or if you have other solutions and also if any of these tips worked for you. Thank You

Tori Yuksel says:

Legend thanks for the video! Note on my Accord euro LX (cl9) I couldn't test the lock function without having the power window harness plugged in

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