How To Replace Ball Joints and Tie Rod Ends Honda Element/CRV

How To Replace Ball Joints and Tie Rod Ends Honda Element/CRV

This is a pretty straightforward repair video. The real trick here is the method. I use a special tool that you can purchase or rent to get the job done. It makes things a lot easier, and it will allow you to do the replacement on the car, even though I remove the knuckle in this video.

If you wanted to use a Honda replacement part, this video does show you how to remove the knuckle/hub assembly so that you can do that. However, it would be a lot less expensive to just replace the ball joint as I demonstrate in this video.

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Powerbuilt Ball Joint Tool Kit:

Another Ball Joint Tool:

Ball Joint Separator:

Pickle Fork:

DeWalt 3/8” Impact:

Ball Joint:

Tie Rod End:

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Caveman Hall says:

You could’ve used a hammer and take it out because his bed is use a hammer and knock it

Jacob West says:

Hey Eric, I am about to try this with out air tools (and a lift, lol). I just ordered the replacement parts. What size socket did you use on the axle nut?

james guralski says:

Moog parts yeah

BreakingFromTheNorm says:

Hey Eric, since you worked on dismounting the axle from the hub. Would you say that by removing the passenger side axle would be the easier way to replace the starter on these Elements? I've seen your video on it and noticed you still went thru a bit of trouble.

Fernando Madrid says:

I have learned a lot from your videos Eric. Thank you one of many loyal viewers…..

Joe Gravelle says:

I’m using the exact same kit and I can’t get the ball joint out. I have an SC model but the knuckle should be the same.

In fact none of the adapters in the kit fit and allow the ball joint to slip out

Anthony DeJesus says:

standard on 2001 honda civic too, exact same stuff.

Robert Brandywine says:

I just removed the two big bolts that he said were 19 mm. The bolt is 19 mm but the nuts are 22 mm.

Randy Huggins says:

permanent replacement for that constant failure compliance bearing

TheOutwiththeold says:

do a inner tie rod video .. it would be fun to watch. On your crv

A r i e s R says:

Gotta love those stubby impacts!!!

Tow Hee says:

The fucking rust belt, man!

CNT says:

God bless you, Eric, very helpful. Got brave enough after watching your videos and did my CR-V ball joint today. Rented the tool from Advanced auto, but had to buy impact wrench from Harbor Freight – spinning it with breaker bar was not working for me . My 5 gallon compressor is good enough to make it run for 20 sec, and it was all what was needed! Thank you very much, Sir.

CNT says:

Thank you for the video, Eric

eksine says:

guys make sure you take the cir-clip off of the ball joint FIRST and instead of pressing on the threaded end of the ball joint use a cylinder that lets the threaded rod go through so you are pressing on the base of the ball joint, that way you do not need to put a nut on the ball joint, chrisfix has a more thorough tutorial

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