How To Replace a Honda K Series Starter the ‘Easy’ Way

How To Replace a Honda K Series Starter the ‘Easy’ Way

I’ve been asked about doing this video for a while now. Since the starter went out on my 2004 Honda Element, it made for a perfect opportunity to shoot this video.

The K series engine was used in many Honda/Acura vehicles from 2001 to 2015ish. There are some late model K series Honda engines but they are different than their predecessors.

So if you have a K series engine in your Honda/Acura vehicle during those years, and you need to replace your starter, this video is for you.

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Midtronics MDX-P300:

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Maximus Lopez says:

Hi I have a Volvo s60 t5 automatic and the engine vibrates up to 850 rpm then the vibration disappear. I have scanned the car and performed oil change filter ETM and spark plugs, . but the vibration remain. Forgot to mention the vibration persists, even though neutral P or drive. vibration feels all over the car. HELP

Andrew Thompson says:

Great video but you missed out the most important step "the logical deducution as to why you needed a new starter" . I have seen far too many starters replaced only to find it's not the starter at fault at all.

aqib2000 says:

First thing to do when seeing an Eric video is to down vote. Standard protocol

guitarstitch says:

Having done two starters on two different Elements, I can say with some level of confidence that it's a hell of a lot easier to do with the manifold removal if you do not have access to a lift.

Both of the starters I replaced failed in the same way: stator magnet glue failed.

Additionally, Harbor Freight sells an awesome pin puller which I found after seeing a similar tool in one of your headlight videos. Worth every penny.

Alec Minnick says:

Love it, Eric! A classic repair video, and I love the musical flair too!

Sunset Originals says:

I love it!!! Look With Your Eyes and NOT With Your Hands!!! LMFAO!!

Tim Otheus says:

You can get the radio code by calling Honda of America with your VIN. Ask me how I know…

Joe Laplnski says:

Hated that job. Did it in early November without a lift, my right hand still has battle scars from rubbing against metal. Saved my friend a ton of money, ah the things we do for down at out friends.

Eric Ebelherr says:

Hey Eric! Sounds like Cuba Music!! Cool Song!! 😀 🙂 Keep up the Videos!! 🙂

geoffrwelsh says:

you are sick Eric, if you think underneath is easier. Once the closest part house finally started stocking the intake seals we never attempted that nearly impossible approach again.

Vince Phan says:

This is easy compared to a 2008 Honda Civic starter, that was the worst starter job i've ever done. Stupid design.

Review Gadgets says:

Why didn’t you just take off the intake manifold

Walter Hubicki says:

More repair vids please. Yes, we do like to watch you struggle. Makes you seem human and that we are not alone in our frustration. Thanks Eric

Travis Dunn says:

I appreciate that honda takes some thought into repairs in thr design of their cars. Ive seen many GM vehicles that put parts in the worst places when it didnt need to be.

Smitty Smithsonite says:

Is Honda joining the "idiotic engineering club" now? Why was that bolt a mile long outside of the block?? Is it unreachable without it being that long? My Honda experience outside of motorcycles is nil.

Muffin Racing says:

6:38 that's one way to give a Honda torque

carjunkie chuck says:

Anybody know what to check if the timing randomly retards on 1992 chevy c1500 or it could be random misfires but sometimes the truck runs good but moslty it has no power and cant go over 40mph and accelerates like two miles at a time

The Snap-On Tool Review says:

I always love watching other people struggle with those K series starters. Over my 12 years of being a Honda/Acura tech and doing these starters about twice a week, I will tell you that I hate struggling. It takes less time move the intake out of the way than to struggle with those two bastard bolts. I’ve even had long half inch fine tooth ratchets to break those bolts loose. You were lucky they actually cracked that easy. Good video Eric!

Adnan ad says:

'Easy' Way you just need a lift

juggernautxtr says:

Farking pain in the ass starter to replace either way.

Simon Sanchez says:

Welcome back Eric. Your videos helped me a lot on my 98 gmc jimmy. So you can imagine how far back I been following you. Although I had to work in pouring rain at 3 in the am most of the time. Your videos helped me get back to work the next day. Been following you for a while now. Glad to see your back.

jtl909 says:

Looks like the original Mitsuba starter. Wish they were all built that tough!

Jazzy Jas says:

Honda engines look a lot more complicated than toyota engines

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