How to Repair Honda Accord Sun Visor

How to Repair Honda Accord Sun Visor

If your Sunvisor is not staying in place and falling down on your Honda Accord 2008-2012 (mine was 2009) — drilling a hole through the latch mechanism and tightening with a post screw may solve your problem and save you $100 which a new visor costs.


A post screw costs 80 cents. What do you have to lose trying?



Surplus Bike Bags says:

Absolutely Genius to xray the visor! I used your measurements, drilled a hole, installed and tightened the 5/8" post screw (with washers)…. it worked PERFECTLY! Thank you

Kris Wolf says:

Worked perfectly for my 2010 Accord. 89 cent fix rather than replacing the visor for $43.

lmellen89 says:

Amazing job on the video, explanation, and attention to detail.

Robert Stubnar says:

Don’t try this with a cloth sun visor.
It will rip up the material with the drill.
Not very good video for cloth sun visor.

Brandon Melendez says:

Worked just like you said. Got my girlfriend's visor working better and a happy girlfriend

Othmane Ameur says:

Does it work for honda accord 2004? Thank u

roocket6 says:

Pretty smart. Good job

John Scariano says:

This is the most thorough and informative walkthrough for solving a problem that I have ever watched. Absolutely no useless information or filler, and the video contained every single piece of relevant info imaginable. Well done sir, and thank you.

Leon Z says:

nice video, but dont work for me.

Bordo Hockey says:

Opps, found it in your video, cool, thanks!

Bordo Hockey says:

Where can I buy that screw?

Dave Helsley says:

Worked for me, thank you!

I Parent says:

nice video. do you have any more of the x-ray photos? maybe with a grid or ruler for scale?

chuck yanosky says:

mine did not work now I have a hole in the viser thanks chuck

Lorne On The Cawd says:

Nice to know you haven't abandoned your channel. Any chance we'll be seeing new SHTF type videos?

James West says:

Where the heck have you been?

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