How to Install Replace Door Lock Cylinder 2003-05 Honda Civic

How to Install Replace Door Lock Cylinder 2003-05 Honda Civic

1A Auto shows you how to repair, install, fix, change or replace a failed, stuck, or damaged lock cylinder. This video is applicable to the 03, 04, 05 Honda Civic

🔧 Instructions:

1. Removing the Door Panel 0:42
2. Removing the Door Handle 3:23
3. Removing the Door Lock Cylinder 6:09
4. Installing the Door Lock Cylinder 6:53
5. Installing the Door Handle 7:05
6. Installing the Door Panel 10:07

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Veteran says:

Cost for part(s) and labor if repaired in the shop?

T DUB says:

Where can I buy a new clip. Wtf they use flimsy ass clips

Sam J says:

thumbs up but u did not show how u removed the clip that is holding the key cylinder.

Andy Nilssen says:

Thx for the video – replaced the lock cylinder on a 2005 Civic 4-door. I can report it is straight forward and doable by mortals.

Michael King says:

You can't have the lock rekeyed?

Anibal Peña says:

hi friend. my odyssey 2003 do not open the lock with my remote control of the slide door of the left side. how can I fix it.?can you give me some instructions please.

cgrscott says:

Very good to-the-point instruction without meandering or sidetracking. When videos are made for a business, they are usually more focused than videos made by volunteer do-it-yourself enthusiasts. Thanks for the helpful video.

Ruben Dominguez says:

good video, but…..i hoped it explained how hard it is to replace that U shape pin back into the cylinder after u install it into its place, that was real hard.

David Schaefer says:

2003 Civic 4 door LX, old key no longer would work. My car looks different than this video, but close enough for the steps shown to be the same.
I replaced the defective cylinder lock tonight without removing the glass. it was rolled all the way up. Also, I only loosened the two bolts holding the door handle, but in hind sight, I'm not sure I had to do that either. I used a nail that I bent over 95 degrees to make a hook like tool. I had to pry the retainer spring from the right side (towards the front of the car) first and only partially down, when far enough down, the old cylinder almost fell out. Once removed, I just pushed the retainer spring back up in place and then popped the new cylinder lock in until it snapped.

Good video, thanks, it helped me get past some things that would have taken longer to figure out.

Terry D says:

Thank you for posting this tutorial! We followed the steps, got a little caught up on how to disconnect that clip so the handle could come out, but managed to remove it. Everything from that point on was super easy. We also decided not to remove the window, which worked out 🙂 Thanks again!

Nicholas Mcintyre says:

aw man it looks finicky. Its winter here in canada and i dont have aces to a garage. i guess im getting in thru the pasanger side till we get warmer weather.

Miguel Leon says:

great video thank you. I did it following all your direction but how do you put the click back to secure the lock it place.

Harris Montevallo Afridi says:

I wonder if this tutorial will work for a 2004 Honda Element?

QuasiTraction says:

Does the window glass need to be removed on 4dr models in order to access the door lock/handle assembly?

Joe Tintin says:

Is there any way to get the door lock key to match with your current key?

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