How to install EL wire (ambient light) – Ep 25 of Honda Civic DIY modification series by Preet Singh

How to install EL wire (ambient light) – Ep 25 of Honda Civic DIY modification series by Preet Singh

Episode 25 of the series in which I install EL wire / dashboard light / interior ambient light in the interior of my Honda Civic 2007 model. In order to use both the EL wire and footwell lights together through the single 12v socket, I soldered both their wires together in the footwell lights switch.


During Covid-19 lockdown I had a lot of time on my hands and so decided to use it constructively to completely transform the look of my 13 year old car which had started to look old. I’m a hardcore gamer with Need for Speed being one of my favorite games right from childhood, specially NFS Underground 2 in which I would spend more time modifying cars than driving them. It had been my dream since then to modify my own car but it got sidelined over the years as I got busy with responsibilities that come with growing up. In this series I finally make my childhood dream come true!

In the entire series I have performed every modification all by myself without anyone’s help and explained the procedure step by step which makes it purely DIY (do-it-yourself) for the benefit of the viewers who actually want to learn or who just want to avoid a trip to the accessories shop in these uncertain times of the Covid-19 pandemic where social distancing is necessary.

All items used in the entire series have been purchased online and delivered in a contact-less and safe manner.

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chetan gk says:

Which gum you used for sticking??

Bablu Sharrma says:

Very nice.. but Bhai Video me back ground music thora loud h instead of your Owen voice. Plz next video me music thora loud kam rakhe..

TOM Paul says:

Hey u cant u give directly connet wire to battery

Shahzad Riaz says:

what type of glue did you use to stick it with the dashboard?

Muhammad Yasir says:

Planning to instal it soon

Muhammad Yasir says:

Nice dear so beautiful

Sahil Shah says:

Can we still play our music via Bluetooth in the powerhouse of footwell lights?

Nirmal Rawat says:

Sir how i install it in amaze

Abhishek Sharma says:

Civic kon sa model hai ??

salman Abdul Majeed says:

Hi could you share me you instagram ID..
I hv recently brought an civic too .
I have to say your videos are really nice nd simple.. jst love it ❤️
I wanted to ask you abt a small problem I'm facing..
Could msg me here's my ID

Hemanng parghi says:

buddy agar cigg wala plug ko use nahi karna he aur kahi steering k niche se power de sakte he kya by any way?

Dhruv Sharma says:

Can we solder 2 el wire

Automobile Madness says:

Looks cool btw what solution u used to stick the el wire on sides?

Fitoori 1.0 says:

Dhassu bhai

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