How To Fix Honda Power Steering Noise – Replace Steering Pump O Ring

How To Fix Honda Power Steering Noise – Replace Steering Pump O Ring

OEM Honda 91345-RDA-A01 – O-Ring

Honda 91370-SV4-000 O-Ring

Genuine Honda Fluid 08206-9002 Power Steering Fluid – 12 oz.

In this video I will show you very common problem on many Honda vehicles both 4 cyl and V6. If your Honda has a loud grinding or squealing noise, you may need to replace the o ring on the hi and low pressure hose on the power steering pump. Also make sure you have proper amount of power steering fluid in the reservoir. This is a simple and inexpensive fix, and worth trying before spending more money on replace other steering components.

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You're a genius, I just did it and it worked wonderfully. thank you very much.

sertimins says:

My 2014 do not have a whining noise but more of a rubber rubbing noise when you turn the wheel very fast. Like blowing up 2 balloons and rubbing it together.

Freddy Jordan says:

I just want to know if you can do a video on cleaning the engine bay on the honda odyssey PLEASE

Freddy Jordan says:

Mine just started to make this noise and I just order the 0 Rings so hopefully I'll do a successful job like you did thank you very much

Art Schmidt says:

Thanks for the great video. I watched the video, got the parts, and swapped out the o-rings in about 20 minutes. Solved the PS noise issue on my 2010 Odyssey.

P Whittaker says:

And yes that first bottom bolt was a beast….

P Whittaker says:

The top o ring was cracked on mine. I replaced both of them and the noise was gone…thanks for sure to have a catch pan, cause power steering fluid make it to the ground…

Alan Trzecki says:

Couldn't thank you enough for this simple fix to power steering noise. Was told by the dealer needed new power steering pump costing hundreds of $$. Replacing the o rings did the trick and for just a few dollars. If you're having issues with noise or minor leaking it's worth a try.

uphill248 uphill248 says:

Ok I got it. This worked 100%. No more noise. Next, spark plugs.

wayne murphy says:

When bleeding power steering do not turn steering wheel to the end stops on the rack as this can damage the pump also just leaving it on full lock during day to day use is not advisable.

uphill248 uphill248 says:

Thank You so much for this video. I have the same vehicle with the same problem. I will try this before taking it to a mechanic.

Avi Simhon says:

Thank you for the video. It helped me fix the noise problem on my 2006 odyssey.

Keith Wiggins says:

Followed your directions and it worked for me – no more whine from the power steering pump. Thanks for the video!!!

Joseph Andrews says:

Thank you for this video, I'm pretty sure you just saved me $160 and 1/2 a weekend that I would've spent farting around with a new power steering pump!

King Leo says:

It's only concerns to leaks not noise

King Leo says:

I done this job during this pump exploded the oil and it's drained the much oil so I added new oil but same whining after new rings

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