Honda Shadow Deca Riser Installation – HOW TO!

Honda Shadow Deca Riser Installation – HOW TO!

Get a sweet set of risers for your Honda Shadow HERE –

In this video I’ll you how to install the Deca Risers on a Honda Shadow. These risers will fit all the Honda Shadow Top Clamps as well as springer top clamps.

*Risers increase testosterone and restore lost hair with no negative side effects! Cures Rickets and Shingles instantly!*

For more info go to

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Mikkel Freiler says:

what size of washer are you using with the bolt in the bottum? 😀

Curtis Jackson says:

Where can I buy the deca risers like you are installing in this video

Jimmy The Saint says:

I couldn't tell. But did you place flat bushings in there?

Charlie Vu says:

Where can i fine exacly as these Risers on website ??? so far i coud't find them …. thanks

Charlie Vu says:

… may ask for What brand of risers which you're installed ??? Thanks

Runhdeep S. Sandhu says:

Appreciate the vid Tj! Question – I own a 2007 aero which comes with welded stock handlebars as you probably know. Will the Deca Risers work on my bike? Are there spacers in my frame as well that will need to be removed? Thanks in advance.

thiaaghx says:

Thanks for the vídeo bro i needed to put one of these on my shadow.good winds from Brasil!

Frankie Mccabe says:

If I drill out the metal insert would there be to much room for the bolt? The risers on my bike have a m10 thread but I want to put a riser the uses an m12 bolt.

Kevin Holley says:

Will these style risers fit a 09 Honda 750 spirit

Mark Steinmetz says:

bro why do the risers on the site look way differnt then these in the vid?

The Professional says:

Will these work with other bars?

Theodor Sundin says:

Great video ! If i were ro use 1/2 inch bults with a normalt clamb, would it works? This clamb kind of fits in the fork

Paige Griffin says:

awesome video, will this process work with an '88 shadow 600vl?

Slumericanasf says:

What size bit to drill them out

Tancheap McFatass says:

Do these work with the stock bars?

Kris says:

These risers are awesome and perfect for the shadow. Will your new risers be similar to these?

Tristan Brown says:

I appreciate you doing such a comprehensive series on modding this bike. I have the exact same model and I'm so inspired to make modifications. I had an small accident back in November and became quite discouraged get put in the work and ride again. I'm looking forward to getting these quality parts for my bike. Low cc Honda cruisers don't get nearly enough love and I've found your information invaluable years later. Is it possible to contact you or your shop for questions? Thanks!

Dustin guy says:

I have a 2000 honda shadow spirit vt1100c. I want straight risers, maybe 6 inches so I can install drag bars. I cannot find risers for 7/8 diameter bare anywhere. All I can find is 1" and up. I'm starting to wonder if my bars are even 7/8. Be gentle. I'm a noob

Hedblom says:

Why do you mix mm and inch? Its the same with the E-tank, quite annoying on nicely fabricated parts.

Mel Durden says:

I just ordered a set of custom t bars 12" tall by 28" wide and i ordered a set of your solid riser bushings. Do you have any videos using the solid bushings?

phaq25 says:

why did you have to drill out the factory risers

B Binkley says:

So what about these Deca Risers? Where can I get them?

mr fat beard says:

Got a dumb question I have stock bar on a 2005 vt750ca would this be the same on my bike I did notice my bars go into the tree there is no risers I'm looking at putting 16in ape's so I do need risers and do you guys make cable and line kit if not or can you point me the the right direction

carl connors says:

I thinking on putting a 23” tire on my Honda shadow saber VT1100C2 you got any suggestions

Thomas Covington says:

You've got some great videos for the Shadow. Do you remember how long over stock the cables were for this set of bars?

johnathan lopez says:

are the deca risers considered a universal fit and thats why you had to drill the spacers?

Shane Dewey says:

Do you know when the deca risers will available again

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